FOB & MMS Update

And if that’s not enough acronyms for you…

FOB stands for “Festival of Books,” the annual L.A. “Times” conclave of authors and…

This year podcasts. I am interviewing Moby for a live podcast this Saturday, April 21st, from noon to one in the Annenberg Auditorium at USC.

Details here:

LA Times Festival of Books 2018

Once again, this is FREE! Eventually it will be a podcast via TuneIn, but if you like the live experience and want a chance to connect, this is the place.

As well as Santa Barbara at the Music Media Summit.

That’s right, it’s coming up, like a flower as the old McCartney song goes, the one he reminded me succeeded on the hit parade as a live track. Details are here:

Music Media Summit

Now for those already planning on attending, I want to inform you that Troy Carter will appear on Sunday, April 29, from 4:30-6:00 PM, so get there early. Troy has jury duty the following week, so we wanted to make sure he could get his time in.

As you will recall, other speakers include:

Rob Glaser-RealNetworks

Daniel Glass-Glassnote Records

Ethiopia Habtemariam-Motown

Steve Boom-Amazon Music

And…a grand finale of podcast star John Boyle of Insomniac/Live Nation doing a wrap-up interview of yours truly, re what we learned in the preceding two days.

So, there is still room available.

As for what you will experience…

I will be interviewing the participants live, like you hear in the podcast every week, but in this case it will be up close and personal. And you’ll get a chance to interact with my guests and me and the attendees.

It’s a relationship business. And without friends, you will not triumph.

This is not the kind of conference where you have a booth or play your song and sell, rather it’s one where you connect and get to know people personally, and once you’re buddies, who knows what will happen.

A fun time is guaranteed for all.

Assuming you come.


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