More Music Media Summit

Music Media Summit

Two new speakers. Ethiopia Habtemariam, President of Motown, and Steve Boom, head of Amazon Music.

Ethiopia spearheaded the new Migos album and so much more.

Steve is a stealth operator for the kingpin of online commerce. Apple gets all the ink, but it’s Amazon which is the comer, because of its integration with Alexa/Echo and Prime.

If you want to know what’s going on in the urban world…

If you want to learn all the commands you can give Alexa to play music…

You should come and listen.

Once again, it’s interview format, there are no panels. I will sit one on one with all the guests and get their history, their integration with today’s world and their viewpoints on the future.

Just as important as the interviews will be the hang. Where you’ll get to be up close and personal with movers and shakers in the business, and sing songs along with camp counselor/leader Craig Newman of APA.

Once again, previous speakers announced are Troy Carter of Spotify and Rob Glaser of RealNetworks.

The conference is in Santa Barbara from April 29th to May 2nd.

See you there!


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