Narcos-Season 3

It’s about the money.

We all need something to live for, and if you ain’t got it, life is gonna be quite boring.

That’s why Javi went back to Colombia.

That’s what people don’t understand. We’re not rational. We’re driven by our desires, influenced by friends, and sex and money.

And when you get old there’s gonna be someone to take your place.

That’s right, the baby boomers didn’t believe it, they thought they were gonna rule forever, but now they’ve been squeezed out of the corporation and are entering retirement and a whole bunch of other wankers are in control.

That’s right, it’s about the size of your unit.

And I hate to say that looks matter, but…

Minorities and women are fighting the wrong battle, you don’t complain about abuse, you don’t bitch that you’re being held down, you seize power, like a cartel.

I know this is politically incorrect, and for all I know it might be different in the future. But if you want something in this world, you’ve got to fight for it, you’ve got to take it.

So the DEA’s entire plan is flawed. Because they’re playing Whac-A-Mole, and if you think “Narcos” is ancient history, you’ve got no idea what’s going on south of the border. Yup, there are turf wars, cartels killing each other, but you know why they exist? Because your sons and daughters, your relatives are hooked on dope, and they provide it. Blame Purdue, no, not Frank, who spelled it differently, the chicken king, although chickens are a big part of one episode, but the pharmaceutical company, which foisted OxyContin on the populace and said it was not addictive, basing this fact on an obscure report in a medical journal having to do with hospital patients. That’s right, you have an operation, you want to get off drugs. But if you have no life, drugs are the biggest thrill you’ve got. And the government cracks down on Oxy and the cartels provide cheap heroin and people are dropping dead across this great country of ours.

And you think the problem is immigration, that building a wall will solve all your problems. Why don’t you tell your kids to stop shooting up, they won’t, but the net effect will be equivalent…NOTHING!

Pablo Escobar is dead. “Narcos” should be shite. And the first episode was uneven at best. But then…

It’s a true story. Albeit with a few changes. But hell, they show real footage of what was going on down there, back when you weren’t paying attention, when you were making bank in the go-go nineties.

So one cartel wants to give up.

But no one wants to retire as number two.

They’re dropping wisdom left and right in this series. You’ve got to understand men, they’re all about penis-size. Why else would they buy cars that look like genitalia? And Teslas to demonstrate how hip they are. While women compete on performance statistics that men don’t even care about. The clothing, the diets, all that other crap, real men just want women to listen to them. And sure, the bozos ruling the world, like our nincompoop President, want eye candy by their side, but you get older and you realize how ridiculous that is. That’s just another guy leading with his dick.

And if you can put your dick in your pants, you can win.

That’s the power women have over men. The one they want to deny in public. Pussy power. If you don’t think this world is run by women you must be one. Women can bring men to their knees, can influence all their decisions. Men are all bro-happy but it’s women who really support each other. if your goal is to be a bro at the law firm or the corporation you’re doing it wrong. The key is not to be like men, but to be yourselves, and then you can win. But you can’t say that in today’s politically correct world. That’s one of the reasons the left has lost and continues to lose, because it’s so busy believing it functions in a pretend world that it denies reality.

Relationships… Love, family, they rule this world. You look out for your kin. You’ll lie for your kin. Blood is thicker than water. It’s all still tribal, millions of years later, and we hope the government levels the playing field, but if you’re depending on the elected to solve your problems you’ve already lost, the elected are in the pocket of the donors, rich people, corporations, they own the government, and your only hope of victory is to band together and fight for what you want.

Come on, Trump pardons Arpaio and…

I thought there would be riots in the street. I thought when they started restricting abortion, same thing. But NO, we’ve got the left now saying it should be soft on abortion, and who cares about immigrants anyway.

That’s right, the wealthy keep talking about immigrant techies. How about the immigrants, legal or not, who are washing your clothes, watching your children, picking your fruit? There’s hypocrisy.

And you wonder why no one believes in anybody but themselves anymore.

That’s right, they capture a drug kingpin and the government functionaries want to let him out, but then the President says if they do, they’re gonna lose the trust of the people, and once that happens, they’re done.

That happened with Arpaio, you just don’t know it yet.

And you righties playing gotcha, e-mailing and posting when any leftie bangs on the President, the joke is on you, don’t you get it? They don’t care about you, they never did. They’re laughing at you. Giving up your government benefits just so the supposed “takers” don’t.

And speaking of takers, Cruz lied to the media saying he didn’t vote against Sandy payments, but the WaPo fact-checked it and he did, there was almost no pork in that bill, but that’s the world we now live in, where politicians lie and get away with it, where Google fires a think tank employee when they come out against the company, when Exxon says climate change is a joke and the real joke is on…


That’s right. We believe in the system. Tell me what that system is gonna do for the people in Houston? Oh, the corporations with connections will lobby to come out whole. The poor people? They’re screwed, they’ve got no flood insurance and no one cares about them.

That’s the joke of America, we donate a few bucks and slap ourselves on the back, saying how gracious and caring we are while we shut the gates behind us and turn on the alarm, we want nothing to do with these people, anybody who’s been unable to climb the greased pole.

That’s right, the truth is ugly.

The truth is you can write letters to the editor all day long. You can complain about the glass ceiling, but did that affect Travis Kalanick’s judgment whatsoever? NO!

And the joke is on you, because now Uber is hobbled and Lyft has moved in, and if you think any of these companies are soft and cuddly and care about you, you’re not driving for one.

So it’s every man for himself in this world. I’m supposed to say “person,” but changing the word is just gonna make those happy who refuse to get in the pit and fight. Sure, let women run the world, it’s fine with me, but I hope they run it better than men.

Because men are all about notches in their belt, status, looking good when they’re hollow inside.

But we’ve all got to play a game.

Decide which one is yours and put your nose to the grindstone. Otherwise you’ll find out your life has been wasted.

And watch “Narcos,” to see how the world really works. Sure, in America, they may not pay off the government, but they pay off everybody else.

This is what you’re up against. The sooner you admit it, the better you are.

But no, you abhor violence, Netflix is the enemy, CDs must be saved, Spotify’s the devil, there’s nothing like going to a movie theatre.

Wake up!

Or don’t, as you’re eclipsed.

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