Another day, another faux pas.

Today it was Betsy DeVos applauding black colleges for giving their students choice, completely ignorant of the reason for their establishment, that white institutions were not open to black students.

What did the internet do?

Wait for the “New York Times” to weigh in? For Bill O’Reilly or Rachel Maddow to pontificate on television?

No, the offended, you and me, took to Twitter to express our outrage, and then the media reported it.

The game is rigged my friends. There are no rules, especially when one team believes in alternative facts. So what do you do, sit on your hands, cry like a baby?


Let me explain how this concept works. It comes from sports. When the coach and the players complain about a call, they don’t expect it to be overturned, they just want to put the referee on notice, make him think twice before he calls another foul, another call to the disadvantage of the complainer.

It works.

And the left has started to do it.

Come on, Trump’s announcement today that he’s rethinking his immigration policy, do you think that happened in a vacuum, no it was a result of public outcry.

Everybody’s human, everybody’s looking for approval, everybody can blink in the face of complaint, especially when it’s justified.

So that’s your job now. Forget the media, it only reports what happened, at best. Forget the leaders, none has stepped up yet. It comes down to you and me.

This is what the right wing has been doing for eons. Say anything they disapprove of and legions come out of the woodwork to tell you you’re wrong. Forget whether you’re right, most people cannot withstand the blowback.

But you’re gonna have to learn how to now.

There’s no getting along. When someone makes a heinous comment, stand up to them. This is what Jews have been doing for centuries, and it works. You don’t let an anti-Semitic comment go by, you call the perpetrator on it. Who says he did not mean to offend, that everybody says it, it wasn’t even about Jews, maybe they even apologize, but one thing’s for sure, these people think twice before making an anti-Semitic comment again.

And speaking of anti-Semitism, did you see Trump blamed the headstone overturnings on left wing perps trying to make him look bad? I’m not saying we should turn over Catholic headstones, but I do think we should all call him on his b.s. Because today we’re all Jews, we’re all a minority persecuted, even the right wing workers who voted for Trump.

That’s right, the rich will have their taxes lowered, the poor don’t even pay any income tax, although they pay plenty of other taxes, sales and gasoline and the amount they pay to government is a greater percentage of their income than the rich. So, the plans of Trump are not going to help most of those who voted for him. Because they’ve been sold the right wing canard that the rich are the job creators and if it’s every man for himself the individual watching Fox News and reading Breitbart will triumph.

Yeah, and call me when you play in the NBA too.

We have to control the dialogue. We are the majority. Trump got elected through a quirk of the system. And the system is rigged, just look up “gerrymandering.” So, we’re gonna play like they do, write the rules ourselves.

Everybody’s got a gay relative.

Many people know transgendered individuals, and many others do too, they just live in closeted communities where no one has come out.

We all want health care.

We all want opportunity.


But our manager has decided to play without us, and denigrate us all the while.

So, we’re going on strike. We’re mad as hell and we aren’t gonna take it anymore.

It’s incumbent upon you and me to stand up to them.

It takes a nation of millions to hold us back. And the truth is Chuck D. and his compatriots got it right, listen to the hit parade, hip-hop dominates.

We should be smiling, not downhearted. We have this. If we just admit to ourselves we live in a new world, not the last century.

In this world the internet is king. Everybody has a voice. Not everybody can be heard, but if we all speak our message it will drown out theirs.

We not only have to call them on their false facts, we must double down on the truth. We must not be gun-shy. We must stand up for what we believe in. Whether it be bathroom rights or climate change or the right to live safely with a roof over our heads and food on the table.

We can’t let this get away from us.

Look at the size of our rallies versus theirs.

As for our rank and file opponents…

Some are just haters, bigoted people who want to go back to a bygone era that never even existed.

But the rest, they’re like you and me.

They want their kids to be educated, they want opportunity, they want to be safe. But they’ve been sold a line of b.s. for so long, about takers, about immigrants holding them back, that it’s time they heard the truth, over and over and over again.

Come on, one woman brought down Roger Ailes.

Never underestimate the power of the individual.

But when we’re all in it together…

We can’t be beat.

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