Btw – if you like “Rockin’ Vibes” which is actually quite good, make sure you check out “The NEW waltz” as well

(strange name – The NEW waltz – Spotify playlist).

Spotify re-named it from “What’s up” after your letter and request for an adult contemporary playlist. Look at the description text. Coincidence?



Smith & Thell – Statue – YouTube

Smith & Thell – Statue – SoundCloud

Smith & Thell – Statue – Spotify

Statue – Spotify-Didrick Remix

I did, check it out, that is. And the very first cut was “Statue” by Smith & Thell. It’s a HIT!

Turns out they’re from Sweden, just like Spotify. And they won “Rookie Artist of the Year” at the Denniz Pop Awards last year. (Yes, the awards are named after Denniz Pop, the DJ/producer who gave Max Martin his start, read John Seabrook’s “The Song Machine” for a full explanation, really, you should, if you want to know how today’s sound got started and works and…isn’t it interesting that Katy Perry’s song with Max but not Dr. Luke has stalled in the marketplace, now that Kesha has dropped her suit in California can Luke’s rep be rehabilitated, sure there’s still a decision to be made in New York, but Kesha has moved on and is making new music and it’s a sad day when we judge anybody before a court decides, ruining their career in the process, and I wonder what Luke has to say about “Rise.”)

But Max Martin has nothing to do with “Statue,” I’ve got no idea who’s responsible, there’s very little online info, other than it came out on Playground Music.

I always wonder if I’m out of the loop, after all “Statue” was released in 2015, was it on the Sirius/XM Spectrum and I was too busy listening to Howard Stern or did the non-comm stations go on it or..?

But the official YouTube clip only has 64,000 odd views and there are no reviews of the single on iTunes and…

There are 1,406,663 plays on Spotify, but how many of those were in Scandinavia, and for those of you wondering why your five figure views/streams don’t pay off either monetarily or career-wise…”Statue” seems to have had no impact, but it’s a one listen get.

My world was going under
I needed love, but got a doctor

The guys sang they didn’t need no doctor, but the women treat their heartbreak, they just don’t stonewall.

I’m out of control, I’m out of control

This is the hook, the line that keeps going through your head after you’ve streamed the track a couple of times.

He gave me pills, to forget I missed ya
Ya take some more, and you’ll be better

The pills will knock you out, but they won’t get you over them, for that you’ve got to be wide awake, as Katy Perry sang.

There’s pills for heartache, there’s pills to fall in love too
Go ahead and take a picture, I might as well be a statue
A tourist attraction, I’ll just stand there and smile
Blank as a paper, there’ll be no ups and no downs

That’s right, the pills leave you blank, but this song does not.

The acoustic guitar gets you right into it, and this woman can SING, she’s not studied, holding back to ultimately wow you like a TV contestant, she’s singing straight from the heart, and it resonates.

And when the army of voices sings along with her the message is cemented, she’s out of control.

And then there’s that rhythmic march in between verses.

And the bridge makes you swoon…

They say I’ve got 123, some kind of ABC
But that’s all part of me
Hey, there’s pills for that too

Used to be you could have a viral hit, before there were so many messages that marketing became an integral element of success. If someone’s not working it, it’s not happening. Hell, John Oliver did that great video about candidates not using songs

Don’t Use Our Song – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

and…radio silence, it’s had no impact, there’s nobody behind it, so it’s failed in the marketplace.

But with a push “Statue” would be all over the radio, the band would have fans. I’m not sure it’s a number one, but it’s a great antidote to the studio concoctions with too many fake hooks. Sure, you can say “Statue” is derivative of the Lumineers and the neo-folkies, but somehow it’s different.

It’s a worldwide music business today. The younger generation has the tools and…

They’re wowing us.

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