Bernie Wins Again!

Is it 1968 all over again?

Wherein Eugene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy put such a dent in Hubert Humphrey’s campaign that despite garnering the nomination, the Minnesotan did not win. Kinda like Gore in 2000… Humphrey was tainted by Johnson and Gore was tainted by Clinton and despite both being reasonable, upright men, albeit politicians, they were defeated by their Republican competitors, unelectable Richard Nixon, who’d been shunned by his home state of California, and doofus George Bush.

All the energy was with the antiwar protesters, the younger generation was sick of the establishment, that’s why Johnson declined to run, Vietnam was his Waterloo. And one can argue that Obama’s steered the ship with a steady hand, but that ship has left so many out, college students are burdened by debt and the working class whites have been closed out.

Yes, we’re in an economic crisis, despite all the hogwash in the papers about GDP and the number of jobs. The truth is you may be able to make it in America today, but just barely.

Trump is channeling this anger, rounding up all the nitwits and bozos who have anger but little knowledge. Whereas Bernie has rounded up the young, the educated…and these same damn people. That’s right, Bernie just killed it with working class whites in West Virginia.

And this looks very bad for Hillary Clinton.

And if you think attacking the Donald will win you the election, you’ve got no understanding of a populace scorned. Some people don’t care what you say about him, they’re sick and tired of being screwed. Carrying the water for the rich and established and getting little in return. And if you don’t think the poor pay taxes, you know nothing about payroll taxes and sales taxes and so many other charges that eat at your income besides income taxes. The rich keep boasting they’re paying so much but the truth is we’re not buying that anymore. We know as much as they pay, the super-rich do a great job of avoiding paying so much more. And this fact has wreaked havoc on the Republican establishment, the party’s been ripped apart, because giving tax breaks and business benefits to the rich whilst fighting for the social issues dear to the poor…just doesn’t work anymore. Furthermore, it turns out the social issues…gay marriage, abortion, religion…are not what’s important to the poor white voters, what they want are JOBS! That’s what all this bitching about immigration has been about, the theoretical loss of jobs. And one can say there’s net zero immigration from Mexico and that whites don’t want to do the work of browns but the truth is perception is all that matters, I can’t make it and somebody’s at fault. And that somebody is not only the immigrants, but the Congress, the party… What the Trump supporters want is to elect somebody who will DO SOMETHING!

And a huge swath of the public believes Hillary will not.

The Democrats have traditionally been the party of the working class. But on their watch not only have unions been eviscerated, the term itself has a stink upon it. This is what happens when you allow the enemy to define the terms. And so far, the enemy, the Republican party, has defined Hillary…as a duplicitous lifer out for herself who bends rules willy-nilly. Is this the truth? As we’ve established above, so many voters don’t care about the truth!

Get your own house in order, that’s what you do before you cast stones. The Democrats are lining up decrying Trump yet the truth is they’ve got so much work to do on their own side. Come on, a septuagenarian socialist is challenging an established player for the nomination? You know what happens when you play not to lose, you frequently do, just ask a golfer.

That’s right, Hillary is not playing to win. She’s not aggressive. People find no reason to believe in her. Sure, she’s a woman, but is that enough to elect her?

Do you really expect the Bernie supporters to line up behind her when she gets the nomination? This same constituency abandoned Humphrey after their McCarthy hopes were dashed. And Sanders has made much further inroads than Clean Gene.

But she’s winning it fair and square!

But everybody believes the game is rigged. Not only the nomination process, but the entire casino nation we inhabit. True or not, that’s the perception, and that’s the only thing that matters.

And the pundits and the polls have been wrong all year. Trump had no chance of winning and women and Latinos will never vote for the Donald. But is this really true?

I’m not sure Bernie could survive scrutiny, I’m not sure all of his plans are practical. But he has plans for a new deal that will aid the up and coming and the dispossessed. People believe the Bern is on their side.

It’s getting ugly out there, and the Dems have the most to lose. Trump’s got it sewn up on the other side, by time he gets to the convention it will be clear sailing, the wind will be at his back. Meanwhile, on the left Hillary will be limping into Philadelphia and paying lip service to the progressive wing all the while, and it’s not only the right that believes she lies.

What we learned is when the public voted people wanted Trump.

And what we’ve learned is the same people angry enough to vote for Trump are voting for Bernie. That’s right, the people the educated and entitled have shorn from the agenda on the left, the working class. If Bernie is done, so many of these people move over to Trump or don’t vote. If the party line meant so much Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio would have gotten the nomination. If you expect the Bernie supporters to roll over and go Hillary…

You’re probably living in the bubble.

And outside the sphere life is rough. It’s every man for himself. We’re looking for a leg up, a hand to help, and so far it’s not only the right that distrusts Hillary, but the left.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

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