Apple Presentation

How did they get TV so right and music so wrong?

Probably because they invented TV in-house, and they bought music from an outside source, and instead of trusting their gut, they deferred to Jimmy and his team, who are so out of it they believe that radio is gonna save the music business, as if we didn’t live in an on demand culture.

What the present team doesn’t understand is first and foremost it’s SHOW BUSINESS! The presentation started out so slow it was hard to stay tuned in. Thank god I could surf while I watched. And if the public didn’t want a huge Kindle, why does Apple think people want a huge iPad? Sure, iPad Pro does more, but the truth is the iPad is a faltering product, cannibalized by huge smartphones, and at best the iPad Pro is a niche product, made for artists and business users, and if you think we care…

We don’t.

But television, we’re all over that, it’s driving our culture in a way music used to. Testing limits and titillating our senses, what kind of crazy world do we live in where it’s more fun to stay home than go out?

And the truth is the new Apple TV doesn’t include all services/providers, and I don’t trust Siri, I wish there were a keystroke way of searching, maybe on my iPhone, maybe that’s a hidden feature, but Apple has leapt forward and it’s very impressive except for the fact that…

This is an old idea, Steve Jobs hinted at it to Walter Isaacson half a decade ago.

But give Apple props for execution.

But still the company is drifting without a center. First and foremost every product was foreshadowed in the press. If Jobs were still running the company tyrannically heads would have rolled. Where was the element of surprise? And I like that they included multiple women but so many people on stage were charisma-challenged it was hard to watch, once again, first and foremost, it’s show business, content is secondary to presentation.

As for the new iPhones… They made Force Touch work, sounded like it wouldn’t, but I was impressed.

And Apple is still the leader. But there’s little innovation there. The limits are being tested, we’re being wowed by new outsiders, Uber is cooler than almost everything on this presentation.

As for One Republic…

It’s like putting lipstick on a pig. Everybody lost with One Republic’s performance. Today’s presentation had nothing to do with music, why include it? And if you do, why not mention the failing numbers at Apple Music? Just because people signed up that does not mean they use it. In the modern world most upgrade their software, especially on Apple devices. So people are signed up, but not trying it out, not extensively.

And multiple songs? Is this a concert or a tech presentation or..?

And who gives a whit about One Republic. It’s kind of like hyping TV via “Green Acres,” sure the sales are good, but there’s no nougat, no meaning.

But everybody takes everything so seriously. As if we should care.

The public is disenchanted with politics and is following Donald Trump and you think we believe in One Republic, we the people who buy Apple products?

Make me puke.

Once again, a rudderless company where the design and fashion heads have too much pull. New Watch bands and colors? How about better functionality? I returned mine, it sucks.

And if I have to watch one more Jony Ive video… Who is he, Oz? Come out on stage and speak Jony, be human.

But he can’t.

The formula is so tired as to almost be unwatchable.

I’m looking for innovation.

I’m not finding it at Apple.

I’m not finding it in music.

It’s all over TV.

Which is why I’m excited about Apple’s new television offering.

And that’s just sad.

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