Bobo Banned!

I’m sick of Amy Schumer, but I can’t get enough of Bobo.

Can we just see “Trainwreck”? Do we have to endure another three weeks of hype?

Amy Schumer was a less than Whitney Cummings beauty who made it on caustic remarks. She was the girl in your class who you hung with and suddenly wanted to make love to. She was America’s sweetheart.

Then she made a movie with Judd Apatow and we haven’t stopped hearing about it since. Howard Stern interviewed her on Tuesday.

Welcome to America, where we have to endure endless hype for a momentary affair. At least the Super Bowl has commercials to go with the game, they have a longer lasting appeal. But these movies and records? They rarely live up to expectations and they’re gone almost instantly.

Kinda like the Alabama Shakes LP. They put it out and people stopped talking about it.

Will the same fate hit Beats 1? Is it the new We had weeks of notice, building up to a three day frenzy, and now no one is talking about Beats 1 anymore. But at least it’s on every day, maybe it will flourish. That’s the game today, to be in it constantly, to put your head down and do the work.

I know Amy Schumer’s story. How she studied theatre in Maryland, how she switched to comedy in NYC, how she screwed a wrestler and doesn’t get as much sex as we think. She’s repeating it again and again, playing to the deep seats. We early adopters are everything.

That’s right, you can only rely on your core, like Bobo.

Bobo is a retired driving instructor who wears a wig. His IQ is challenged, but he is married, he does have children. He’s Howard Stern’s number one fan, and he got banned.

Did you see that Howard ankled AGT? A worthless show that paid dividends for Mr. Stern. It made him warm and fuzzy for America, showed his soft side, he leveraged his visibility to get A-List guests on his radio program. And the interviews are the nougat that keeps the show newsworthy.

But Bobo and the rest of the Wack Pack are the nuts and bolts that hold it together.

Bobo sold out the show.

That’s right, he made a deal with “General Hospital” to mention the soap opera five times in a phone call. But it was a prank, and he got banned for fifteen shows, until September 21st.

Howard’s only gonna do fifteen shows until September 21st? How am I gonna cope?

Even worse, how’s BOBO gonna cope!

I didn’t think I cared, but I do. Because Bobo lives for the show. And it’s amazing what people will do for fame and money, never mind love.

We all want a piece of the action, we’re all just a breath away from selling out for something better. We live in a giant “Let’s Make A Deal” nation where we want what everybody else has got, why are they living a life so much better than ours?

The torture.

Even better, the bit.

Everybody weighed in on potential judgment. Howard rendered the sentence. Ralph is going to be the probation officer.

And…I thought I didn’t care when I did.

That’s your goal, to get us to care. The content is secondary to the delivery. I’d heard Bobo had been banned for days. But when I heard the evidence just now, when I heard the courtroom drama, when I pondered Bobo’s fate…

I smiled.

And that’s all I’m looking for in this life.

A little connection and a little laughter.

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