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On a day when AC/DC is announced as the headliner at Coachella…

I’ve been on the Highway to Hell my entire life but AC/DC put out a new album and the press bought the story but no one bought the album, no one cares.

That’s the story of today. You can tell us about it, but that does not mean we’re going to partake, that we’re going to care. There are so many stories, we’ve become immune, the only people we trust are our friends.

Like Neil Jacobson. We met in the desert. He linked me to “Uptown Funk” before it was released and I got it but found it too derivative. But this…

There’s just something here, from the Youngs’ fellow-Australian, Hayden James.

Oh, it’s repetitive at the beginning, if Neil hadn’t told me about it I probably would have clicked it off, but then everything dropped out thirty seconds in and it got so moody, and I’m a sucker for mood.

And then I found myself thinking I liked it but it wouldn’t be a hit, and then everything came back in and I found myself dancing in my chair, and then around the house, and I rarely move. And now I’m snapping my fingers. It’s making me feel so good on this insanely warm winter afternoon.

Music is incomprehensible. They shove down our throat that which is not innovative and seems to speak to people who are not us and we’re looking for something more personal that touches us and we don’t know where to look other than to our friends.

Thanks Neil!

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