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Subject: DigSin/DRNK TXTNG


I’d be interested to hear your take on this story about DigSin, Jay Frank’s new "label" model which launched this week.

Business Matters: Looking for a New Kind of Record Label? Here’s DigSin …

Not that I care about commercial radio anymore, but having read about his basic philosophy of what makes a radio hit (avg. intro 7 seconds, etc.), I was interested to hear what he was doing. I signed up for the mailing list, and then…yesterday, the first single came out and it sounds like all the other beat-driven shlock on Top 40 right now!

"Drunk Texting"–really original theme! 

Anyway, I get his model and understand why it might work for getting ad placements, but how does this fit into the model on the consumption side? I know the point isn’t to sell a bunch of downloads (why it’s a giveaway), but how can they claim that NNXT is a "very rare gem" when it sounds like everyone else? What am I missing in this strategy?

Complete song

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