Breaks Co-Op

This music recommendation thing is tricky. I’d never share what I’m listening to on Facebook, I’d be afraid of the abuse. But I was driving in Brentwood at one in the morning and when I pulled up to the mailbox there was a song on Sirius XM’s Coffee House that had me transfixed.

Now I’ll admit that I’d had a good day, records were touching me in a way no other medium can. That’s the power of music. When done right, it’s life itself.

And I wish I could remember what song they were playing before, because it sounded good too. But I’m idling in the dark and this sounds even better, it makes me want to drive all night just to listen to the radio.

So I whip out my hand-set to send myself an e-mail. Being careful to get the name of the act right, because I’ve never heard of it before, and if I make a mistake the Google machine won’t pop up the right result.

But I just entered "Breaks Co-Op" in the search engine and "The Otherside" came right up, the YouTube video was right there.

It was the same song, but somehow the visuals took away from the music. We’re leaving the MTV era. Music is something you listen to once again. While you stare into space and let your mind drift.

And the first link is to a Wikipedia entry, right above the YouTube clip.

And Wikipedia’s pretty rigid, they don’t allow just anybody to make a page. Most of these nascent bands have no presence.

And reading the entry I find that "The Otherside" was the number one airplay hit of 2005 down under, way down under, in New Zealand, where the band is from. It won Song Of The Year at the New Zealand Music Awards.

So, on a lark, I decided to search in Spotify, and there it was.

And there were only two reviews in iTunes, but one mentioned Elton liking the album so I did more research and I found this:

I’m Down With…Breaks Co-Op
By Elton John

My favorite album at the moment is by a New Zealand three-piece called Breaks Co-Op. ‘Sound Inside’ is a chill-out disc that sounds a little like Crosby, Stills and Nash. It’s brilliant, wonderful. Since I bought it in the store, I’ve played it for so many people. I played it for the head of my record company today. I’m on Universal and Breaks Co-Op is on EMI, but he said it was probably one of the best records he’s heard all year. It just kills me that these albums come out and they don’t sell or don’t get the right promotion. Everyone I’ve given it to – from the Killers to the Scissor Sisters – have all freaked out.

We’re coming together. Now that you just can’t make that much money in music, not as much as Mitt Romney, it’s becoming about the music once again. Forget those Top Forty acts, they’re all about the cash, they give music a bad name. But drop a huge notch below that and there’s a plethora of music that’s helping people get through the tough times, music that speaks to the heart and saves souls.

And now comes the disclaimer. If you’re a fan of hip-hop, of metal, if you love the Top Forty stuff, you’re gonna put fingers to keyboard and send me hate mail. And it never feels good. But all this data, the chart success and Elton’s endorsement, tells me what I felt last night was real.

P.S. I heard a live take on the Coffee House. I’m not sure if it’s the one that’s on Spotify, I think so, so I’ll include it along with the studio take.

P.P.S. One of the things I hate most is playing music for people. You’ve got to discover stuff yourself, it’s got to grab you when you’re not paying attention. Pull up this track and leave the computer, go about your business around the house, you’ll have a better chance of getting it.

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