The Bjork Album

Much ado about nothing. Apps with albums is as important as CD-Plus was in the last century, as in not at all. CD-Plus, CD-ROM, didn’t we already see this movie? What makes anybody think it’s going to be different this time?

We’re selling music. The reason video was so important was because of the rise of MTV, we could finally see what these people looked like. But everybody was watching the same channel, there’s no single app channel everyone’s paying attention to.

This is a publicity stunt, nothing more.

And the "New York Times" put it on the front page. The Gray Lady dismisses Occupy Wall Street but jumps on Bjork? Is there anybody working there who’s got a clue?

Music is something you hear. It starts in your ears. What’s next, people who don’t sing at all, who don’t even release a record? Are we really going in that direction?

As for the ability to remix the music… The interactivity in music is not messing with the sound, but LISTENING! What a concept!

All that remix crap is about marketing opportunities. And is already passe.

The real story is the hippest label in the business passed on this album, because the material just wasn’t there. I.e. the music.

Wanna know the future of the music business? It’s MUSIC!

Yup, there you have it!

The games of yore, the limited distribution, the radio airplay for pay, they’re dying. Now it comes down to the tunes themselves. You research a blender and a dryer, ultimately everything you want to buy, online before you click to purchase. What makes people believe it’s any different with music? Used to be you had to buy an album to hear it, used to be the media could whip the public into a frenzy and nobody knew the album sucked. But those days are history.

The apps are a gimmick. To get those who need to fill up space and time with an angle they can push down people’s throats. To get the public to care about an act that peaked years ago who hasn’t done anything memorable since.

Instead of spending all that money on apps, Bjork should have spent it on music. Oh, that’s right! More money doesn’t mean better music! Inspiration is free. Execution can cost a bit, but nothing no one can lay his hands on.

We live in two divergent worlds, one of hype and one of truth. And the people in the land of hype somehow believe the one of truth does not exist. If they just keep spewing shit, the public will buy it.

But Microsoft couldn’t sell the Zune and Dell could never compete with the iMac…

He who’s best wins in the connected world. And it’s not so much how something looks as how it performs. Sure, the iPod looked elegant, but without iTunes and high speed transfer it would have been dead in the water. It doesn’t hurt if you look good, but it’s an afterthought.

All the b.s. that’s been shoved down our throat is now fading. You don’t have to be cool, you don’t even have to look good, you certainly don’t need to know how to dance, you don’t have to play along with the man, you’ve just got to make great music, insanely great music. What a concept!

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