At Kenny’s Show


Please forgive the typos…I didn’t think I’d need my glasses at Staples Center!

That’s where i am…deep in the bowels of L.A.’s premier venue… FOR THE KENNY CHESNEY SHOW!

This ain’t no pop, this ain’t no rock and roll, this is COUNTRY! Where everybody’s friendly, where you feel like you BELONG!

We’re met at parking by Jill… Who’s from Louisville and couldn’t be MORE friendly. And after we stride down the ramp… THERE HE IS! KENNY CHESNEY!

He’s dressed more informally than an awards show. With faded jeans, terry shirt and baseball cap. Like he stepped out of a Jimmy Buffett video. And he’s surrounded by GIRLS! He’s crawled from the wreckage of Renee Zellweger into a BRAND NEW CAR!

It’s like you’re looking for the headliner. This guy who’s so friendly, like you went to junior high with him, HE CAN’T BE THE STAR! There’s no attitude, only friendliness. He’s so friendly, I figure he’s doing an act. I have to ask him…does he know who I am, or am I just one of the assembled multitude?

OF COURSE says Kenny, as he slaps me on the shoulder.

Kenny went with his posse off to his bus. We’re gonna meet in the Vibe Room at 8:45 to get ready for the show, ready for him to go on at 9:10… Shit, I’m always afraid of wrecking the act’s flow… But, at a Kenny Chesney show, I’M PART OF THE FLOW!

As is the audience.

Everything you remember from the seventies. From songs you can sing along with to stadium shows… They live in the world of country, in the world of Kenny Chesney.

There are bras on the mic stand, there’s a T on the venue floor so Kenny can get up close and personal…

I’m so excited!

I want to hear "I Go Back", with its reference to "Jack and Diane", I want to hear "Off The Coast of Somewhere Beautiful"… I want to hear I GO BACK!

I want to reach through the screen and tell you how damn excited I am to be here, to be part of it, the traveling circus we used to call rock and roll, but now call country.

P.S. You know what’s playing over the production office stereo? AC/DC! It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll… I was worried the dream had died, but tonight I can see the flame burning brightly, tonight I still believe!

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