Sales-From The Bottom Up-Week Ending 10/21/07

200. Spoon "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga"

Sales this week: 3,847
Percentage change: -25%
Weeks on chart: 15
Cume: 154,183

And who says SNL sells records…

If this is the future, too many people don’t believe in it. Turns out too many people singing the praises of this band are being ignored by those who’ve had enough of white boys without soul staring at their shoes–see Sasha Frere-Jones’ article in the "New Yorker" for edification:

A Paler Shade of White
How indie rock lost its soul.

Nothing against the band, but alternative peaked in the nineties. Doubt me? Just check R.E.M.’s sales below.

200. will i. am "Songs About Girls"

Sales this week: 3,847
Percentage change: -22%
Weeks on chart: 4
Cume: 36,879

Positively scary.

I guess people only want to hear Black Eyed Peas songs WHEN they’re from girls. It’s Fergie’s act boys.

And isn’t this the guy who’s still being trumpeted all over the press as being a genius who’s going to save the business? I’ve never met him, but the press makes me hate him. That’s what overexposure will do to you. And all this overexposure still couldn’t move any product.

176. PJ Harvey "White Chalk"

Sales this week: 4,093
Percentage change: -40%
Weeks on chart: 3
Cume: 24,330

Astounding how few copies these press darlings sell.

I guess no one reads the press. Except me. They said this was a detour from "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea". Did you listen to that album? Positively fantastic. So passionate. I wanted to hear more. But when I heard this was the old PJ, I was no longer interested.

173. Billy Ray Cyrus "Home At Last"

Sales this week: 4,154
Percentage change: -15%
Weeks on chart: 11
Cume: 110,564

Yup, on the couch, living off his daughter’s royalties.

A fourth rate country act. But you’ve got to give him credit for pimping his daughter to Disney.

167. Frankie Valli "Romancing The 60’s"

Sales this week: 4,282
Percentage change: 0
Weeks on chart: 2
Cume: 12,495

Does the target audience even know this record is out?

Frankie hasn’t been this hot in decades, what with "Jersey Boys" and his role on the "Sopranos". THIS album should have been on Hear Music/Starbucks. Howard Schultz should have taken a ton of the upside and hyped it. That’s Starbucks’ niche, making us aware of those we weren’t paying attention to, not hyping people already in the public eye. Then again, unless Frankie Valli dies, how many albums can they sell?

138. Rilo Kiley "Under The Black Light"

Sales this week: 5,390
Percentage change: -26%
Weeks on chart: 9
Cume: 82,854

The myth of the benefit of a major label. They should have stayed indie. A major can only get you on TV and on terrestrial radio, and if you don’t make that kind of music, friendly to those outlets, you’re giving up too much for too little in return.

133. Lifehouse "Who We Are"

Sales this week: 5,442
Percentage change: -4%
Weeks on chart: 18
Cume: 218,201

You’re a one hit wonder, that’s who you are!

The Raspberries followed up "Go All The Way" with other pop radio fodder. Lifehouse has followed up "Hanging By A Moment" with…

122. White Stripes "Icky Thump"

Sales this week: 5,962
Percentage change: -3%
Weeks on chart: 18
Cume: 622,127

Has Warner Brothers really done a better job for the band than V2?

Sure, they’re not on the road. But does all that roadwork sell tonnage anymore? The days of road bands and radio in cahoots, moving product like carney barkers, are done. Most markets don’t have a station that will even play the White Stripes, no matter how good the record.

Once again, what’s the advantage of being with the powerhouse? Should White Stripes have gone the Radiohead route? They were deal-free too! Their fans are dedicated, they would have supported the act. And all of the money would have gone to Jack and Meg!

118. Fall Out Boy "Infinity On High"

Sales this week: 6,223
Percentage change: +3%
Weeks on chart: 37
Cume: 1,102,319

This isn’t the story. The story is the HORRENDOUS ticket counts. An absolute disaster on the road. Overtouring, playing in venues too large at too high a price. Pete Wentz a genius? Maybe he should hang up his bass and go to college and LEARN something!

103. Band Of Horses "Cease To Begin"

Sales this week: 7,131
Percentage change: -65%
Weeks on chart: 2
Cume: 27,854

A sleeper. A very good band with legs. Watch them build as the months go by. Check them out at:

Band Of Horses

100. Mark Knopfler "Kill To Get Crimson"

Sales this week: 7,360
Percentage change: -21%
Weeks on chart: 5
Cume: 67,225

How many more records would this have sold if it was marketed as Dire Straits. And, once again, does the target audience even know this is out? Another record that should be released by Starbucks… Hell, Starbucks should ONLY stock records on their label. Build their brand. Gain people’s trust. If it’s on our label, it’s GOOD! Instead, their stores are laden with too much product and there’s no trust.

96. Vanessa Carlton "Heroes & Thieves"

Sales this week: 8,116
Percentage change: -55%
Weeks on chart: 2
Cume: 26,345

And her one hit wasn’t as good as Lifehouse’s.
Hope she’s got a backup plan.

81. Carrie Underwood "Some Hearts"

Sales this week: 9,772
Percentage change: +5%
Weeks on chart: 101
Cume: 5,970,184

The only act on the chart that has sold more records is Nickelback, which has moved 6,096,430 albums in 107 weeks and is ensconced at number 18. Country and rock… Fads come and go, but these heartland favorites remain, still selling to this day.

Add together Carrie’s TV fame and the best material and production money can buy, and you’ve got this sales number.

She may only be skin deep to you, but the records are good. You want to hate them, but you can’t.

72. R.E.M. "R.E.M. Live"

Sales this week: 11,516
Cume: 11,659

Sometimes you’re smart to take the money. This band has never done anything great since. And their now fortysomething fans no longer give a shit. They’ve seen the act enough. They’re playing with their children.

48. James Blunt "All The Lost Souls"

Sales this week: 16,038
Percentage change: -19%
Weeks on chart: 5
Cume: 208,214

Live by the single, die by the single. Unless Atlantic can pop one, he’s done.

40. Maroon 5 "It Won’t Be Soon Before Long"

Sales this week: 17,852
Percentage change: -6%
Weeks on chart: 22
Cume: 1,345,313


I’m thinking they would have sold more records with Clive. This is the kind of shit he knows how to sell. Jimmy needs something more credible or totally fabricated.

38. Jennifer Lopez "Brave"

Sales this week: 18,218
Percentage change: -65%
Weeks on chart: 2
Cume: 70,923

Even ALTER BRIDGE is higher on the chart.

I’d say it’s brave that she even put this package out. I’m surprised there’s even a disc inside. Because the few people buying this want the brand, not the music.

Do you remember Jenny before she had to tell us she was from the block, when she was an actress starting out, with Clooney, in "Out Of Sight"? She was really good. Playing a gritty character role. She’s sucked ever since she went diva.

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