Too Busy Being Fabulous


So, I’m at the skin doctor, having some suspicious growths removed, and when I’m done with Dr. Rish, I’ve got a message on my BlackBerry, a phone call from Irving Azoff. Where should he send the new EAGLES album?

Oh, you know how it is today. LEAKS! I had to promise that I wouldn’t duplicate it, wouldn’t give it to anybody. NO PROBLEM! I’M TRUSTWORTHY!

I was in Century City getting a new keyboard for my Mac. Thank god for Applecare. Wanna know where it’s happening? At the Apple Store. You’ve got to slalom through the people. And the new Lilliputian Nanos? They’re IMPOSSIBLY thin. You want to buy one, no matter HOW MANY iPods you already have.

And Irving said Irene would call, for an address. But as I was buying jeans at the Gap, I’d still heard nothing. I e-mailed Irving. Just leave the disc behind the screen door, messenger it over NOW!

The phone rang. They couldn’t do that. But by this time I was already home. They’d send it over.

And I’ve been waiting for the delivery man ever since. I was getting worried he wouldn’t come, that I’d get the package tomorrow.

But, just now, I saw a guy with tattoos through the front window. I opened the door, was he from IRVING?

Irving told me the packaging wasn’t perfect. That Henley wanted some of the early covers destroyed, the tiny percentage that didn’t have the color right. Looked fine to me, I wouldn’t have complained.

And after removing the shrinkwrap with the Wal-Mart sticker, I turn the cardboard package over and see the TWENTY TRACKS ON 2 CDs!

And then I open my computer drawer and insert disc one…

I remember dropping the needle on "Hotel California". Buying the album the day it came out, before anything but "New Kid In Town" was on the radio. I did a double take as the sound came out of the speakers. The same thing JUST HAPPENED! Oh, the sweet SOUND! How could it sound THIS GOOD? NOTHING sounds this good. Everything’s squashed today. But this was just like 1976, I felt the group was living RIGHT INSIDE THE SPEAKERS.

The harmonies, this one certain change in "No More Walks In The Wood"… If you had that spirit back in 1969, you’ll get it.

The second cut is the single, "How Long". And then came "Busy Being Fabulous".

You remember "Life In The Fast Lane", don’t you? Surely make you lose your mind. A feeling we were all familiar with, a scene we knew, the Eagles nailed it, the phrase soon became part of the vernacular.

How come the EAGLES, thirty five years old, can skewer stardom, aligning with our sensibilities here in the cheap seats, and everybody on the hit parade, the rappers to the popsters, think we’re buying their shit, think we believe they’re fabulous?

When Henley starts to sing, you hear that voice from "The Long Run". It’s like it’s 1979 all over again.

I came home to an empty house and I found your little note:
‘Don’t wait up for me tonight’, and that was all she wrote
Do you think I don’t know that you’re out on the town with all of your high-rollin’ friends?
But, what do you do when you come up empty? Where do you go when the party ends?

You were just too busy being fabulous
Too busy to think about us
I don’t know what you were dreaming of
Somehow you forgot about love
And you were just too busy being fabulous, uh-huh

Famous does not make your life work. Might get you laid, but won’t get you in a relationship. You’ve got to be three-dimensional, you’ve got to be a human being, you’ve got to be trustworthy. But none of the youngsters singing seem to know this. This is why we loved our acts, THEIR TRUTH! Maybe Don sowed his wild oats, but he grew up. JUST LIKE US!

I’ve got no idea what the other seventeen tracks sound like. I couldn’t get that far, I couldn’t wait to e-mail you.

It’s not about digesting music, thinking about it. It’s about the VISCERAL RESPONSE! Ten minutes in and I’m suddenly linked to who I was back when. I feel like I’m not alone on this earth. I feel like I’m ALIVE!

It’s not about airplay, it’s not about sales numbers, it’s not even about Wal-Mart. It’s about music. How does the MUSIC make you feel. The music hasn’t been emphasized in such a long time. And, it doesn’t matter if you get off on what I do. We don’t all have the same crush, we’re not all in love with the same person. But, if you were ever an Eagles fan, when you drop the metaphorical needle on "Long Road Out Of Eden", your mind will be positively blown.

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