They must be getting a mighty big check. And a bunch of TV promotion.

Is there a shortage of AC/DC music online? Are people waiting with bated breath for the band’s material to show up on iTunes? Is it like the unavailability of the Dave Clark 5 in the CD era?

No. You can easily find each and every AC/DC track you want P2P. It’s simple. Like it is with any legendary band.

And I don’t know if I should tell you this, but YOU DON’T HAVE TO STEAL THEM AS AN ALBUM! You can take just the tracks you want. A few, or all.

And what’s so bad about people taking a few? Do you think everybody played these albums from start to finish once they got CD players? When they could easily program tracks using a remote?

God, the music business is like the Administration, living in a parallel universe that doesn’t reflect reality.

As for buying via Verizon… Why in the hell would I want to do that? And I’m ON Verizon. They charge too much. And even if they lowered the price, I can still get it for free.

How fucked up is it that we’ve got an industry creating barriers when its success is based on BREAKING DOWN those barriers. AC/DC’s music should be available everywhere people want to buy it, in any way they want to. God, you can even customize cars more.

Then again, the auto manufacturers are smart. They sell BUCKETS of options. You want the heated seats, you’ve got to buy a cold weather package, with heated windshield wipers. Want bigger wheels, you’ve got to get the sport package, which includes other performance-enhancing options. And, this grouping, it makes the price LOWER than it would be if you purchased the options individually.

Where’s the online enticement? The DRM? The same aliquot cost per track as the CD? Why should anybody buy online?

Oh, that’s the dirty little secret of the music business. They don’t want people to buy online. They want them to buy CDs.

Won’t you buy a CD? Send my kid, and his kids and their kids, to college? I’ve got a lifestyle I’m trying to keep up. You’re screwing with me by stealing the music. Tower Records went out of business and you have to drive further to a nonexistent outlet? That’s a small effort for a lifetime of entertainment.

Well, AC/DC is a lifetime of entertainment. But most of what the labels sell today is not.

I don’t know who to blame here. The label, the manager or the band itself.

The more people who own your music, the way they want to acquire it, the more people who want to see you live, at a higher price and buy merch.

AC/DC is part of the holy trinity. Along with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. These are the bands the teenagers want to see.

And how did they find out about them? FILE-TRADING!

AC/DC’s Highly-Anticipated Back Catalog Debuts on V CAST Music From Verizon Wireless; Group’s Full-Album Digital Downloads Available for First Time

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