Bruce Lundvall Responds

Dear Bob,
In response to your wise counsel I’ve decided to donate my remains to The Museum of Natural History; Department of Paleontology.
Actually we’ve all been pilloried for years by the tech staff here, so you may be amazed that I do in fact know what DRM is, even at my very advanced age.  To jog the anonymous young Berklee student’s recollection, I didn’t hear the question from the back of the room and I deferred it to Michael Cuscuna who also asked for the question to be repeated.  Michael then proceeded to answer it accurately and with dispatch.
It comes to mind that DRM has another meaning when it comes to your shabby journalism- “Disrespectfully Rude Musings”.
If there is one thing you’ve accomplished in your career that hasn’t been at the expense of someone else’s reputation, I’d be grateful to know what it is.
Bruce Lundvall

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