This Week’s Sales

1. Beyonce "B’day"
Sales this week: 541,196

An impressive number.  Shows you why the big labels are interested in franchises/names.  But this album will live and die by its singles.  It’s almost the fourth quarter, so if it sustains for six weeks, it becomes a gift item.  So the timing is right, but still…to reach 5 million, to make Sony BMG’s numbers, Top Forty is gonna have to play an endless, RELENTLESS, string of tracks.

9. Iron Maiden "Matter Of Life And Death"
Sales this week: 55,722

Imagine how many more copies would have been sold if there were an audio/video outlet that still FOCUSED on this kind of music.  Maiden can sell a boatload of tickets, but no one wants to take a chance on spinning their music.

Then again, not that many stations spun their music twenty years ago!

Ozzy has single-handedly put a dent in the longevity of metal music, with his ridiculous MTV show.  Metal used to be dangerous, an outsiders’ cult.  Now it’s a cartoon.  TV ultimately impacts everything featured negatively, via overexposure.

Meanwhile, this album is HUGE overseas.

49. Paris Hilton "Paris"
Sales this week: 16,917
Cume: 120,338

Three weeks in and already done.

Somebody should lose his job over this.

87. Obie Trice "Second Round’s On Me"
Sales this week: 10,764
Cume: 127,996

The Eminem era is officially over.

91. DMX "Year Of The Dog Again"
Sales this week: 10,307
Cume: 242,125

He sold better when he didn’t show up.

103. Nick Lachey "What’s Left Of Me"
Sales this week: 9,070
Cume: 518,919

Could it be that Nick will outsell Jessica?

Sure, Nick’s CD has been out eighteen weeks to Jessica’s two, but she’s only at 160,664 and losing momentum by the minute.

When it’s about the publicity game, STRIKE FIRST!

And the story with Jessica isn’t her music, but the fact that John Mayer DUMPED HER!

106. Five For Fighting "Two Lights"
Sales this week: 8,639
Cume: 129,320

Wanna bet his next album is on an indie?

Yes, it’s a guy, not a band.  Talk about faceless…

A hit does not a career make.

110. Angels & Airwaves "We Don’t Need To"
Sales this week: 8,454
Cume: 398,951

How many more would this have sold if it were called Blink-182?

In a cluttered universe, changing the band’s name/going solo is almost like starting over.  Unless you’re a media’s darling, like Gwen Stefani.  Tom DeLonge is no Gwen Stefani.

115. Beenie Man "Undisputed"
Sales this week: 7,930
Cume: 22,942

Jason’s not making his numbers on THIS!

Used to be major labels were about the breadth of their repertoire, now they’re just about hits.  Without airplay on the limited formats extant, they want nothing to do with you.

120. Dashboard Confessional "Dusk & Summer"
Sales this week: 7,622
Cume: 323, 798

Wasn’t it just a handful of years ago that Chris Carrabba was on MTV screaming infidelities?

Emo’s peaked.  Just like Phish fans finally graduated from college, emo fans grew up and found out life was complicated, not black and white, especially when you’ve got to work, or at least juggle college classes.

But, I bet this guy can tour for years, since his music TOUCHED his audience.

Meanwhile, I don’t know how the money is split up here, but Chris Carrabba could sell just about this many out of his station wagon/by his complete self.  Devoted fans know where to find the music.  And this is the best possible world to live in, because then you get to keep almost ALL the money!

If you’re good, people will find you.  If you’re pushing instead of pulling, your career is gonna be shorter.  Wait for people to find you, there’s time.

126. Muse "Black Holes And Revelations"
Sales this week: 7,127
Cume: 139,343

Guess the cult just isn’t as large as people thought.

They need more touring in the U.S.  Or more radio play.

Sure, that’s the basics, but if you’ve seen this act…you believe.

127. Wolfmother "Wolfmother"
Sales this week: 7,116
Cume: 258,122

From: Paul Rogers

Maybe Nashville is a step behind but, my 11 year old finally hit the curve you have been writing about for a while. The only shirts he wears are Zeppelin and AC/DC. The only music he wants on his Ipod is them and BOC and Deep Purple and the like.  The lone exception is the new Wolfmother disc which I pointed out to him sounds like it could have been released in 1972!  He and his friends now have a band of their own (not their dad’s) that sounds akin to what they love — ROCK!!!!  To his credit he is open to new music which is artist driven which we share (Channels for one), but he loves the classics – at 11 years old.  Truly amazing and proof positive great music crushes great marketing in the long run.

Meanwhile, it appears that, as U2 sang, there ain’t nothing like the real thing.  Despite all the hype, Wolfmother just can’t break through…  This just ain’t like Jimmy Iovine.  He must be distracted.  He usually WILLS his successes, hell that’s what Jimmy does best!

139. Alice In Chains "Essential Alice In Chains"
Sales this week: 5,880

Not THAT essential.

143. Prince "Ultimate"
Sales this week: 5,758
Cume: 28,641

Obviously not the cream, even though a remix of that track closes the second CD.

Based on these sales there’s not a huge demand for remixes of historical tracks, especially not at a list of $24.98.

Prince used to be able to throw off hit singles, so many that he could give them away!  ("Manic Monday", never mind "Nothing Compares To U".)  But he’s lost his inspiration.  Hell, the only people who seem to truly deliver are those who never made it in the first place.  You think that success is going to change your life, then it doesn’t, and the fire goes out.  Yet Prince still has the fire live.  Skip his new albums.  Everybody else has.  (And, based on this, seemingly his old ones too!)

147. Thom Yorke "Eraser"
Sales this week: 5,626
Cume: 206,364

Greatest advertisement for not leaving your hit band to go solo.

Then again, Thom hasn’t left Radiohead and the Internet told everybody that this CD was difficult/not Radiohead.  Shit, the days of convincing people to lay down their money based on brand names are dead, unless you’re BIGGER than your music, like Beyonce.

148. Rakim & Ken-Y "Masterpiece"
Sales this week: 5,582
Cume: 148,954

Seems most people don’t think so.

154. Jurassic 5 "Feedback"
Sales this week: 5,191
Cume: 91,330

People thought they were poised to break.  Doesn’t look like it.  Looks like they’re days away from day jobs.  On Jimmy’s label no less.

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