You Need To Read This

I don’t know if you’re following this story, but no one has explained it more clearly than this guy in "The New Yorker".

This may sound like science fiction, but this battle is VERY real.  The ISPs ARE trying to do this.  Editorials have appeared in major newspapers taking the same position, but they only demonstrate the difference between good and bad writing. 

A great writer gets his message across in a way that resonates.  This resonates. 

And since you’re reading THIS via the Internet, you should read this article.

The problem we have in society at large is ignorance.  Unfortunately, ignorance is not eradicated by TV news solely interested in ratings.  The real issues are not delineated in a sexy way.  But this guy makes this story come alive.

by James Surowiecki
Issue of 2006-03-20
Posted 2006-03-13

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