This Week’s Podcast – Jackson Browne

Somehow being productive, not reclusive, like Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne
has faded to secondary status.  When really, he’s primary.

Enough time has passed that there’s a whole generation of people who’ve never
been exposed to his work.  And are the poorer for it.  If you’re looking for
insight into the human condition, no one is better.  Joni told her stories, we
identified with her.  Whereas Jackson philosophized.  Not in a detached way,
but as you listened to his records the concepts revealed themselves.  And
maybe that’s the set-up for my favorite Jackson Browne lyrics of all time, maybe
my favorite lyrics of all time:

Now to see things clear it’s hard enough I know
While you’re waiting for reality to show
Without dreaming of the perfect love
And holding it so far above
That if you stumbled onto someone real, you’d never know

I wish all those people searching for love on the Internet could hear these
words.  And look inward and realize maybe the question isn’t finding the right
person, but finding yourself.  Opening up to possibilities.  Knowing that
fantasies are just that.  That real people are imperfect.  But if you find someone
who tries, who wants to play, you’ve got someone better than anybody in a

Now this podcast is not a review of Jackson’s career.  Unless you consider
his new album, "Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1", a career retrospective.  Which I guess
it is.  But, unless you’re a diehard Jackson Browne fan, you’ve never heard the
songs done this way.  This podcast allows you to hear Jackson’s classic songs
stripped down to their essence.  They’ll plumb your soul and get inside of
you to the point where you must buy this CD.

So, purchase "Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1".  Or start with "Late For The Sky".  My
favorite album of all time.  Play it.  Again.  And again.  And experience the
wisdom unfolding.  It’ll take hold of you like a virus.  No, maybe like love. 
It’ll become a part of you.  You’ll find yourself quoting the words, the
lines will accompany you through life.  You’ll be enriched.

Now, if you want to read the lyrics, which were not always included with the
records, I recommend you visit: The Jackson Browne Fans Page

Better yet, just go to: Jackson Browne Discography, click
on the appropriate album and scroll down on the resulting page to find the
words of the song you’re looking for.

Not that it’s solely about the words.  The music itself is enough, it
penetrates you.  The words are just an added bonus.  Like finding out that woman
you’re attracted to is compassionate and understanding underneath the veneer.

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