U2 On Entourage

Last time I checked bands were supposed to be COOL!

What’s next?  Is U2 gonna send hookers to my house?  So I’ll say they’re still great?  Like Eric did with R.J?

Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about.  That proves the point.  In the late nineties, the gig was to hype your band EVERYWHERE!  To reach every last person in the universe.

Only one problem.  This worked.  And these overhyped piece of shit bands were forgotten.

It just seems that Paul McGuinness didn’t get the memo.  And  Bono is so removed from the world he’s trying to save that he’s got absolutely no clue what’s going down on the street, or the Net, where bands are broken, where cool people live.

I mean it would be one thing if it weren’t U2.  The Thompson Twins.  Missing Persons.  Somebody who can’t get arrested with no credibility, a period piece.  People like THAT show up on two bit trash like HBO’s "Entourage".  Not U2!

Isn’t ANYBODY in mainstream media gonna stand up and shout about the whoring done by these so-called superstar acts?  Have you seen that Ameriquest commercial with the Stones?  Do you REALLY need the money that bad?  I mean haven’t you got ENOUGH?  So, you wrote "Satisfaction".  What have you done for me LATELY?

U2 is no different than a balding, overweight thirtysomething who cheats on his wife just to be able to impress his buddies, so he’ll look cool.

But it’s not cool to cheat on your wife.  Only people who don’t know what’s important do that.

The fact that the music business is so bad and thirty and fortysomethings are so desperate that they’ll go to see U2 doesn’t make the band RELEVANT!  Hell, there’s more relevancy, credibility, in the latest "Harry Potter" novel than there is in U2’s sunk like a stone last CD.

God, if the record was any good Top Forty would have played it and some station out there STILL would be playing it.  But, the public at large knows the record stinks.  That U2 ripped off an old riff from the sixties to create their one ubiquitous hit that’s been shoved down our throats by the marketing gurus at Interscope.

I’m telling you now.  Nineties values are OVER!  I don’t care what your grosses are, how much money you make, that’s IRRELEVANT!  It matters who you are, and the music you make.

And don’t say that Bono’s compassionately saving the third world.  Good.  But that’s got nothing to do with MUSIC!  Bill Bradley retired from the Knicks before he ran for Congress.  Maybe Bono should give up music.  Hell, doing a spot on "Entourage" wherein he shouts out a character’s NAME??  What’s next.  If Microsoft pays him enough money he’ll shout out Bill Gates’ name?

And the U2 iPod.  A limited edition you can now buy at a DISCOUNT!

If the future of this business is U2, it’s in trouble.  Actually, that’s RIGHT, the music business IS in trouble.  Because music ain’t soap.  It’s not a commodity.  It has to have intrinsic value.  A soft, nougaty center, that tastes so good even if it’s junk.

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