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Frances Ha

I’m blown away. Where was this movie when I was that age? Then again, if this were 1979 “Frances Ha” would be famous. It was expensive to make a film, going was the national pastime, we retreated from the theatre to bars to discuss them and we still believed art, if it couldn’t change our […]

We Are Not Ourselves

Can I recommend a book? You remember books, that antiquated media model that requires dedication in our fast-moving society that is usually populated by quick-read genre trash. “We Are Not Ourselves”┬áis not that. If it were a TV show, they’d call it a family drama. But that would imply it’s all about the interactions between […]


SALES ARE DEAD The fact that news outlets trumpet them is testimony to their ignorance, not the stats’ relevance. It’s almost like it’s the year 2000 all over again, when the public knew what was going on but the media did not. Something is happening here and you don’t know what it is, do you, […]

The Sarah Polley Movie

Used to be movies came on like a lion and then disappeared. Music entered the scene like a lamb and lasted. But no more. Records were all about traction, how could you get something to stick. Movies were about getting people into the theatre right away. At first, there was no television for reruns, the […]