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Listen Up Philip

Listen Up Philip That was depressing. Sometimes I don’t know who I am anymore. You live long enough and the dreams you had fade into darkness, replaced by life, and then you realize you’re just living, you’ve got no idea where you’re going, time is running out of the hourglass and you want to hold […]

Amanda Palmer’s Book

“The Art of Asking” You should read it. Even if you’ve got no idea who Amanda Palmer is, even if you’ve never listened to her music, or dislike it. Because Amanda Palmer is Internet Famous. That’s right, while everybody’s been decrying the online world, with Taylor Swift agitating against Spotify this very week, Amanda Palmer […]

Why Is John Oliver So Good?

1. He tells a story. America is built on narrative. Although BuzzFeed has made inroads, it’s got no soul and no true fans, because the way you make people bond to you is by going deep, by hooking them and drawing them in like an angler lands a fish. You can’t be too aggressive, you […]

Suze Orman

She reminds me of my father. I never watched her CNBC show, I really had no idea who she was, but Felice kept turning her on at 6 every Saturday and I’ve become hooked. Because she’s the voice of reason in an unreasonable world. I like to think I know everything. But I was stunned […]