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Lena Dunham/Free Work

“Lena Dunham Does Not Pay” “Why stars like Lena Dunham ask aspiring performers to work for free” What stuns me here is Ms. Dunham and her publisher, Random House, and the writer for the “New York Times” were completely unaware of the Amanda Palmer kerfuffle. Yes, Amanda too wanted her fans to perform for free. […]

Garth’s Store

I’m just one or two years and a couple of changes behind you “Fountain Of Sorrow” Jackson Browne Apple discontinues the iPod and Garth Brooks puts up an MP3 selling site, believing it’s about the deal, unaware that no one wants gasoline in an electric world. Well, we haven’t quite hit that point in automobiles, […]

Frances Ha

I’m blown away. Where was this movie when I was that age? Then again, if this were 1979 “Frances Ha” would be famous. It was expensive to make a film, going was the national pastime, we retreated from the theatre to bars to discuss them and we still believed art, if it couldn’t change our […]

We Are Not Ourselves

Can I recommend a book? You remember books, that antiquated media model that requires dedication in our fast-moving society that is usually populated by quick-read genre trash. “We Are Not Ourselves”┬áis not that. If it were a TV show, they’d call it a family drama. But that would imply it’s all about the interactions between […]