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Yes, the hack was a criminal attack. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been laughing over the revelations, while I’m not crying over the racist comments. The truth is these Hollywood mavens think they’re better than us. And they can’t stop crying about piracy, can’t stop bitching that someone moved their cheese, […]

What We Learned This Year

Steve Barnett is a hero. He took Capitol from zero to the top of the heap. Shows what an individual can do. Sound may be lame on recordings, but it’s living large at the Forum, where a dedicated music space has touring acts and SoCal fans smiling. Talk about virality. Festivals are king. It’s still […]

Rolling Stone Crowns U2 Number One

As Jann Wenner and Bono mash the gas pedal towards the cliff of irrelevance. In other words, how can “Rolling Stone” be so tone-deaf? This single-handedly reveals the inanity of the shenanigans behind the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” this illustrates how baby boomers have to get out of the way to let the […]

Listen Up Philip

Listen Up Philip That was depressing. Sometimes I don’t know who I am anymore. You live long enough and the dreams you had fade into darkness, replaced by life, and then you realize you’re just living, you’ve got no idea where you’re going, time is running out of the hourglass and you want to hold […]