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New Reading Glasses

“The clerk is a jerk.” That’s what Jeff Garlin told Marc Maron. Actually, that’s what Jeff Garlin’s mother told Jeff. That you want to talk to the MANAGER! Maybe it’s a Jewish shtick, but my father was full of these aphorisms. Like you need to see the BIG DOCTOR! Especially in L.A., where they’re available. […]

The Fall Line

The Fall Line: How American Ski Racers Conquered a Sport on the Edge What does it take to win? The new age snake oil salesmen will tell you it’s all about attitude. The Silicon Valley titans will tell you it’s all about failing. But the truth is it’s a feeling deep inside that you can […]

Google Glass

Killed by the public, the press gave it a free pass. That’s right, for years we were subjected to fawning stories about this idiotic product in the mainstream press. There were numerous pictures of Sergey and Larry at parties, looking like the dorks that they are, until suddenly barroom backlash surfaced in San Francisco and […]

The Oscars

It’d be like restricting Taylor Swift to vinyl. Or having Jason Isbell play the Grammys instead of Luke Bryan. How in hell did the movie business lose touch with America? The Oscars used to be an international rite. A veritable holiday. Movies drove the culture, especially after classic rock decimated credibility in music and disco […]