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Are you watching this?? Somehow the TV industry has leveraged the power of the internet to hit a new high in quality. It’s as if after Napster we had the Beatles and the Stones, with Yes and Genesis to follow. That’s right, forget the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. That’s long after the fact. […]

The VMAs

I asked a powerful music PR man why the press never went negative on Taylor Swift. He said it was about access. As long as she was available, doing interviews, feeding the press stories, coverage would be positive. It’s when you clam up that the media goes wild on you. Which kind of explains why […]

Trump Is The New Hit Single

The biggest story of the year is the failure of Re/code to go it alone. With the number one tech reporter on board, and a plethora of backup, it turned out no one cared, that the “Wall Street Journal” was the brand, and no one had the time, interest or inclination to go elsewhere. This […]

The Billboard Kerfuffle

“Callous Billboard survey asks: Who’s lying, Kesha or Dr. Luke?” It’s the pursuit of clicks. And I’d laugh if it wasn’t emblematic of our country at large. Kind of like this Biden madness. The only person pointing out the fallacy in a Biden run is Nate Silver, who suddenly no longer has a platform of […]