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And they said the internet would kill big media. Trump never had a chance. America might be angry, but it does not want a blowhard billionaire whose specialty is profitable bankruptcy and strategic licensing to run its country. But that does not mean television and newspapers did not love telling his story, it injected excitement, […]

My Name Is Lucy Barton

Everybody comes from somewhere. Does everybody feel inferior and inadequate? I do. My mother always told me someone else was the expert, knew better, and I couldn’t compete. My father would lionize outcasts, with glasses and straight A’s, and it drove my older sister nuts, she still feels like she’s competing with Kathy Eckber. So […]

Chris Stapleton On SNL

Chris Stapleton – “Nobody to Blame” He doesn’t look into the camera. It’s like he’s in a honky tonk, another night on the endless road wherein he’s downed a bunch of beers and is entertaining the assembled multitude, who are there to imbibe and check out the opposite sex (and the same one too!) This […]

Entertainment Unicorns

10 million people want Adele tickets and “Star Wars” grosses $238 million in a weekend. What does this tell us? PEOPLE WANT TO BELONG! Welcome to the teens. The media doesn’t label them that, but they should start. It’s not the aughts, the era where the public gradually adopted broadband and pirated movies and music, […]