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Today’s Viral Video

“Cody Townsend’s Line Of The Year” Greetings from Aspen, Colorado, where we’re in attendance for the 19th annual AspenLive conference, wherein old buddies reconnect and we discuss the music business on the slopes because we’re incapable of talking about anything else and we cement bonds that last a lifetime. Truly. Almost my entire social life […]

Pomplamoose Blog

“Pomplamoose 2014 Tour Profits” I don’t hate Jack Conte. I hate the people who are forwarding me this blog. What don’t you get about capitalism? The law of supply and demand? What I hate about artists is the constant bitching, as if the world owed them a living. I’ll go on record once again that […]

The Customer Is King

It wasn’t about Napster. Otherwise when the music industry succeeded in shutting the service down CD sales would have burgeoned and happiness would have reigned. The customers just went elsewhere. An endless game of Whac-A-Mole ensued. Suddenly there was KaZaA. And eventually BitTorrent and the Pirate Bay. Turns out consumers didn’t want Napster, they wanted […]

More Spotify

The company has lost control of the narrative. That’s what we see online more and more, entities that speak to their users in the new world, but have no presence in the old. Spotify users are not complaining, content creators are. Spotify is no different from Barack Obama, who let the media define him, to […]