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Modern Life

CURATORS/FILTERS They’re everything in the modern world. Unless you attach yourself to someone/something that already has an audience, your chance of succeeding is incredibly low, because there’s just too much noise. So, despite the bitching about challenging economics, that’s the power of the newspaper. It’s filtered news. And ads. And listings. Most competing with traditional […]


1. The major labels will only get stronger. We live in an a money economy and the only ones willing to invest in artists are the labels. Furthermore, they’ve got the relationships at radio, which are key to developing acts. The players want cash, the major labels have it, no one else will get involved […]

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“Cody Townsend’s Line Of The Year” Greetings from Aspen, Colorado, where we’re in attendance for the 19th annual AspenLive conference, wherein old buddies reconnect and we discuss the music business on the slopes because we’re incapable of talking about anything else and we cement bonds that last a lifetime. Truly. Almost my entire social life […]

Pomplamoose Blog

“Pomplamoose 2014 Tour Profits” I don’t hate Jack Conte. I hate the people who are forwarding me this blog. What don’t you get about capitalism? The law of supply and demand? What I hate about artists is the constant bitching, as if the world owed them a living. I’ll go on record once again that […]