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Shutting Down Free

Do you expect punters to refrain from using Periscope when celebrities are paying 10k a ticket for the fight? Welcome to the teens, where those with money and power are completely ignorant as to how the rank and file think. We had to endure a month plus of hype for a brutal sporting event that […]

More Tidal

Enough already. Tidal is a nonstarter, its only benefit is it shines light on the sphere, i.e. paid music streaming services. But the way the industry is talking about it you’d think it was a savior, it’s not. Because it doesn’t put the consumer first. That’s our goal. To get the consumer to pay for […]

Internet Rules

NEVER TRY TO CORRAL THE CUSTOMER People balk at being controlled. Once you place limits, the public abandons you or finds a way to circumvent what you are doing. Give people the opportunity to do more, to expand their horizons, to share. Once you tell them what they cannot do, you’re screwed. This is why […]


Tune in now, before the celebrities take over and the haters show up. Something is happening here, but we don’t know what it is… The hype has been deafening. The digerati congregated at SXSW and declared Meerkat the new savior. Then it was crippled by Twitter, which announced its own, me-too product, and we’re all […]