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Spotify United States Top 50

A funny thing happened on the way to streaming… Acts became bigger than their singles. The truth is if you’re popular today, people want more of your music. And if it’s good, they’ll continue to play it. Even if it didn’t all come from the same LP. Look at Drake, famous for dropping new tracks […]


It’s like there are two internets. One of skeptical consumers doing their best to navigate their lives and the other of scumbag providers doing their best to win through subterfuge. Then again, in a world where brands are revered and Volkswagen cheats why do we expect people to bend over backwards for businesses? We can […]

The Amazon Kerfuffle

I’m shocked. Positively shocked, I tell you. You mean educated people are working around the clock to make tons of money and be granted stock options all at the same time? While you revel in guaranteed delivery of quality products at a discount seemingly instantly? Kinda reminds me of the Wal-Mart problem. You know, moving […]

The 48%

“People are giving up on Apple Music, survey says – 48 percent of Apple Music trialists have stopped using the service, but Apple has denied that claim” -The Verge Is Apple Music the new Twitter? You know they’re in trouble when they respond. Steve Jobs would never do this. Even if their number is accurate, […]