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The Sunday Paper

I read it with my iPhone. No, I don’t read it ON my iPhone, (oh wait, that’s not true, I do, the night before, when I can’t wait for tomorrow’s news), but with my handheld wireless device by my side, in my pocket, ready to look up anybody who says something provocative or intimate…I want […]

Right Wing Nutjobs

Nobody realizes they’re traceable online. That they’re leaving a constant trail of digital cookies delineating their thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. If I told you hate mail did not bother me I’d be lying. But keeping all my e-mail, I look back and it turns out this person has been calling me a doodyhead, but with […]

Lunch With Daniel Ek

It’s about the data and the footprint. In other words, the more information you have, the fewer mistakes you make, and if you’re America-centric, you’re gonna get your butt kicked by those who see the entire world. Music is a dumb business. Technology is not. Musicians know the least about everything in life other than […]

The End Of Privacy?

On one hand, technology enables us. On the other, it disables us. Sure, we’re coughing up information on Facebook, trying to make it evaporate after communicating on Snapchat, but the truth is there are cameras and tracking devices everywhere, what does this mean for the human condition? Is it a renaissance for thought? To quote […]