It’s A Mac World

You could talk about the low market share and completely miss the point. Suddenly, we’re living in a Mac world.

It’s absolutely fascinating to watch. People who pooh-poohed Macs in the past are now testifying. Frustrated with their Windows machines, they’ve made the switch. And they’re selling the product better, more vociferously, than those who’ve been Macheads for years.

Don’t take my word for it. Read "The Wall Street Journal":

Readers Endorse Switch to Apple

It’s not about the iTunes Store, it’s about the iPod. It’s not about FairPlay DRM or price, it’s about the seamless synch you get with the cool device.

And with both the iPod and the Mac, it’s not about the price, but the headache. You can buy a Vista machine, laden with craplets, spend hours loading up the anti-virus and spyware detection software or you can go Mac, and be up and running almost instantly. And, if you’ve got a problem, you can go to the store where you bought it and get help free!

I’m not being an Apple fanboy here. I’m not trying to polish Steve Jobs’ image. I’m just hipping you to a fact. The world is going Mac.

Businesses are adopting much slower. But on the personal level, it’s starting to resemble a tidal wave. I don’t know anybody who’s purchased a Vista machine. Not a single one. But, I’ve got an endless list of friends who’ve bought MacBooks and iMacs.

What have we learned here?

1. That quality sells.

2. Your best sales force is satisfied customers.

3. One great product can sell other products.

4. Service is important.

5. Price, although a factor, can be trumped by usability.

If you’re creating PC-only software, you’re missing the boat. For SpiralFrog to launch PC-only illustrates how they’re out of touch. Because those on the Mac can’t even try the service, can’t spread the word, can’t get it going.

And SpiralFrog is not going to get traction in the Mac world ever because it uses WMA files with copy protection that has no equivalent on the Mac side.

Music purveyed outside iTunes has to be DRM free, because otherwise you can’t use it with the iPod. This isn’t a question, this is a fact. There will be no online traction with WMA copy-protected files. That format, if not quite as dead as Sony Connect, is a sideshow equivalent to Creative’s hand-held players.

iPod is the standard. No one has come close to a device that works as well.

Mac is becoming the standard amongst consumers. If you don’t believe me, poll your friends. If they don’t own a Mac already, they’re planning to buy one, or are at least considering one.

Funny how business, run on PC’s, is missing this story. It’s almost stealth. But it’s like a new band breaking. All you have to do is put your ear to the ground and you can hear the rumblings.

And you know how it works with bands. The slower the build, the longer the stop on top. And it’s not about convincing the media, but the fans. When the fans are selling the product, you have a career. When the media is selling the product, you’ve got a momentary sales spike at best.

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