Graham Gouldman-Sirius XM TODAY!

That’s right, Mr. 10cc. The man who also wrote “For Your Love,” “Heart Full Of Soul,” Look Through Any Window,” “Bus Stop,” “No Milk Today,” “Listen People”…

He’s on the road with Ringo, actually, he just finished, and when in L.A., we sat down at the mic and I got his story. An only child, writing songs with his dad, being a songwriter for hire and then ultimately joining the gang at Strawberry Studios and becoming a member of the aforementioned 10cc.

“Wall Street Shuffle” is just as accurate as the day it was written.

“I’m Not In Love” is legendary.

And “The Things We Do For Love” is the definition of ear candy, with an indelible bridge.

Graham is a mensch who revealed his history. TUNE IN!

7 PM East, 4 PM West, Volume 106

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