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Rhinofy-Yer’ Album

I love this record! “Rides Again” got all the attention, maybe because of “Funk #49,” there was no hit on “Yer’ Album,” but “Yer’ Album,” the James Gang’s first, is the best! I discovered this record through Steph. Oh, our initial crushes. Actually, she found me. I was skiing in goop on the last weekend […]

Rhinofy-White Ladder

What if you put out three albums and no one cared? You lost your record deal. Do you give up or..? History is littered with people in this exact same situation, those who were given their chance and then faded into obscurity. But not one David Gray… David Gray spent his own money and recorded […]

Rhinofy-Pat Benatar Primer

Jett Schmett. Girls wanted to be PAT BENATAR! The story is always the same, if you’re good-looking you get no credit. Now I’m not saying we need to have sympathy for the beautiful, although being good-looking is a sentence, something you think you want but don’t really, but the truth is if you’re an attractive […]

Rhinofy-Why Jethro Tull Belongs In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

THE FLUTE It’s right there on the opening cut of their debut album, “My Sunday Feeling.” Forget me-too culture, Jethro Tull was original! Name one other band not only dominated by flute, but one where it was played by its frontman! Sure, you occasionally heard the flute on glorious tracks like the Blues Project’s “Flute […]