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Rhinofy-Anything Goes

The big hit was “I’m No Angel.” That’s right, Gregg Allman was free of Phil Walden and Capricorn. He signed a deal with Epic and lo and behold, nearly a decade after his last solo work, when MTV ruled and it looked like the game had totally changed, he broke through once again. Not that […]

Rhinofy-Play With Fire

It was the last track on “Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass),” the Rolling Stones greatest hits set with the cover photograph I thought was shot in England but turned out to be L.A. And “Play With Fire” itself was cut in Los Angeles, but I didn’t learn this until years later, to me […]

Ramble On

My favorite cut on the first Led Zeppelin album is “Your Time Is Gonna Come.” Didn’t used to be, I came to that one late. I first liked “Good Times Bad Times,” it was a perfect single in an era where FM and AM were diverging and the latter would never play anything like it. […]

Rhinofy-Joni Mitchell Covers

BOTH SIDES NOW Judy Collins The first time most people were exposed to Joni Mitchell, even though they didn’t know it. This single was iconic, mostly for the sound and Judy Collins’s voice. When we ultimately heard Joni’s version, on her second album, 1969’s “Clouds,” we were astounded to find it sounded completely different, with […]