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Rhinofy-Top Ten-Week Ending June 26, 1965

1. “Mr. Tambourine Man” The Byrds Folk rock. A new sound with the old melody and lyrics of folk married to rock guitars, a hybrid that snuck up on the Brits and caught them unawares. You’ve got no idea what a revelation it was to hear this sound on the radio, just ask Tom Petty! […]

Rhinofy-Paris Songs

“Une Nuit A Paris” 10cc That’s the way the croissant crumbles after all From the “Original Soundtrack,” the album with the band’s big hit “I’m Not In Love.” “Une Nuit A Paris” is a nearly nine minute opus with movements. It opens the album, and if you’re young and unfamiliar with the band’s oeuvre you’ll […]

Rhinofy-Can’t Buy A Thrill

Steely Dan’s 1972 debut gets no love, despite having two smash hits and a legendary track. Possibly this is because it features multiple lead singers. This was before we knew that Steely Dan was charting its own course in the history of rock and roll, positively sui generis, and all the talk is about the […]

Rhinofy-Little Bitty Dreams

Not all of us can be rich and famous, not all of us can grab the brass ring. And personally I’m sick of the wankers singing about their lifestyle, flaunting their wealth, warbling their phony, broad stroke lyrics which say little and are completely unrelatable. That’s right, I spent an hour going through the rock […]