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Gotta Get To Know You

Gotta Get To Know You – Spotify Gotta Get To Know You – YouTube And this is why algorithms will never replace deejays… I just got an e-mail from Mike Marrone, of Sirius XM’s Loft, he sent me a track from Foghat’s debut LP that immediately took me to a zone wherein I felt fuzzy […]

Rhinofy-Foghat Primer

I JUST WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO YOU The Willie Dixon cover that got no love in the “sophisticated” New York market. I learned about this track from my college buddy John Hughes, it was all over the radio in his hometown of Kansas City during the summer of ’72. That’s the way it used […]


I awoke today and found The frost perched on the town It hovered in a frozen sky Then it gobbled summer down Greetings from Vail, Colorado, where it’s the final week of the season and I’m using zinc oxide on my lips to prevent blisters. Just a moment ago it was winter. I was wearing […]

More Flash Boys+

Customers trust the banks. Fans trust the acts. Therefore, high speed electronic trading could not be eradicated and we can’t go to all-in ticketing. You don’t want to believe your banker is ripping you off. But that’s what these big brokerage houses were doing in their dark pools. Selling access to high speed traders. Making […]