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Rhinofy-WABC All American Survey for Week of 15 December 1964

1. “Come See About Me” The Supremes My favorite Supremes cut! A Holland-Dozier-Holland composition, it’s all about the groove. I distinctly remember dancing to this at the following year’s bar mitzvah parties. That’s right, some tracks are so rhythmic they incite us to get up from our chairs and ask Nancy or Betty or Jennifer […]

Rhinofy-Clapton Guest Appearances

“Dirty City” Steve Winwood Steve can shred quite nicely thank you, as anyone who’s seen him tear apart “Dear Mr. Fantasy” recently is aware. But despite killing it live, despite putting out one of my favorite albums of the twenty first century, “About Time,” independently, doing everything right, the man was fading in impact. So, […]

Rhinofy-Bobby Keys Primer

“Brown Sugar” Rolling Stones Because it’s his most famous track. Although legendary and still heard with frequency today you’ve got no idea how big this was in 1971, when it was released. And one of its main features was Bobby’s sax solo. His work lives on, even if he does not. “Live With Me” Rolling […]

Rhinofy-That Would Be Something

The sound! The legendary track on “McCartney” is “Maybe I’m Amazed.” I was immediately enraptured by “Every Night,” I came to love “Teddy Boy,” but now my favorite is “That Would Be Something.” How could an album so slight seem like such a masterpiece today? Starting with “The Lovely Linda” and ending with the almost […]