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Luke Bryan At The Hollywood Bowl

Oh my God, this is my song I’ve been listening to the radio all night long I couldn’t believe it was really him. I know I rail against albums, I know I decry the state of modern music, but the truth is I know every lick on Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Party” and I’ve been […]

Jack Bruce

And we always thought Ginger Baker would die first. Clapton might be God, but there was no Cream without Jack Bruce. He was the one who sang most of the songs. If he’d found his Delaney Bramlett maybe he too would be a household name instead of a footnote. That’s right, Eric had his instincts, […]

Rhinofy-Amanda Marshall Primer

Speaking of albums… What bothers me more than the boo-hoo of those mourning the inability of today’s audience to spend time with today’s long players, never mind pay for them, is the complete disappearance from public consciousness of albums that are great from start to finish from the past, like Amanda Marshall’s debut. Credit for […]

Raphael Ravenscroft

He died. Maybe you weren’t alive in 1978 when “Baker Street” filled the airwaves. Gerry Rafferty was one half of Stealers Wheel which had minor chart impact with “Stuck In The Middle With You” and then came this. Winding your way down on Baker Street Some songs take you away. They pour out of the […]