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Deezer Hi-Def On Sonos

INCREDIBLE! I can see you in the morning when you go to school “Crime Of The Century.” That’s the album we used to take to the stereo store, to demo the products, to decide what we wanted to buy, that’s what I’m listening to right now on Sonos via Deezer Elite. Actually, there’s that sound […]

Jamestown Revival At Way Over Yonder

They were playing “Born On The Bayou.” I’ve been in a funk, trying to figure this crazy, messed up world out, or rather my place in it. You grow up too young to participate and then suddenly you’re too old to matter, held back by not only others’ judgment of you but the knowledge that […]

Rhinofy-Palookaville Primer

You’re not gonna listen to this record. But it’s the best Todd Rundgren album you’ve never heard. That’s the scourge of the Internet, of the modern era, we’ve got so much information at our fingertips that we don’t bother to partake, hell, some people forward links without listening or reading what they’re sending on! So […]

Rhinofy-American Beauty Primer

This is the one that made them a household name. Well, dorm room name. Prior to 1971 the Dead were San Francisco hipsters, with a small presence at the Fillmore East, where they most famously played at midnight. But despite not appearing in the Woodstock movie, in the spring of 1970 the Dead made inroads […]