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Rhinofy-New Riders Of The Purple Sage

The first album, not their whole oeuvre, because nothing thereafter was quite as good, and every Deadhead owned the initial LP. Jerry Garcia played with them, live and on record. He was into pedal steel. But the truth is the John “Marmaduke” Dawson-led New Riders opened the Dead gigs forty five years ago and it […]

Rhinofy-Laura Nyro Primer

WEDDING BELL BLUES A hit for the 5th Dimension, I always preferred Laura’s take. It’s the simple piano intro, which draws you in, you know you’re gonna hear a story. Great music swings, there’s something more than the notes. “Wedding Bell Blues” is a performance, something that picks you up and carries you away. You […]

Rhinofy-Sunshine Superman

This was the one that broke him in the U.S.A. Donovan’s gotten a bad rap, ever since that Bob Dylan movie, where the bard from Hibbing cuts him down. At this late date we can see Mr. Leitch was no match for Zimmy. But that does not mean he was not great in his own […]

Discovered On Apple Music

“Long Way Down” The SteelDrivers I forgot it was Chris Stapleton’s previous band. I downloaded three playlists to my phone. “Singer/Songwriter Highlights 2015,” I wanted to catch up on what I might have missed, “The A-List: Singer/Songwriter,” since it’d had been so rewarding at home, and then “The A-List Country,” because I like the faux […]