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Rhinofy-Shelf in the Room

Remember when we used to argue about Days of the New? This was back in the mid-nineties when Geffen Records was the king of rock, just before that format imploded and so did the label. Before videos were all about the production and not the music, before rap went on a victory lap. It’s almost […]

Rhinofy-Top Ten-Week Ending September 25, 1965

1. “Eve Of Destruction” Barry McGuire The Eastern world it is exploding One can argue strongly that music took hold, evidenced its potency, with this 1965 “protest” single. The Vietnam war was amping, the baby boomers were aging, everybody looked around and said…WE HAVE THE POWER! There’s not a boomer alive who doesn’t know this […]

Sonic Highways-Austin & D.C.

You used to be nobody. Los Angeles and New York were a dream. Rather than build a shrine to yourself on social media, you became engrossed in media, in music and films, and you went to the theatre, to the show, to get closer. Nowhere as much as in Washington, D.C. Where there was a […]

The Billy Joel Book

Billy Joel by Fred Schruers It really was different. It bugs me that people claim otherwise, the youngsters who were not around and the oldsters hanging on by a thread. First and foremost, as Malcolm Gladwell said in “Outliers,” timing is everything. Jason Flom’s father may have been blackballed because he was Jewish, but he […]