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Rhinofy-Fillmore-The Last Days Primer-Final

The film came out a year after the Fillmores closed, had almost no impact, and neither did this boxed set of highlights, but oh how high those highlights are! Actually, “Fillmore-The Last Days” was one of the few movies I walked in in the middle of, I’m like Alvy in “Annie Hall,” I’ve got to […]

Rhinofy-Sixties Instrumentals Primer

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY This was a number two hit for Hugo Montenegro back in 1968, it was a cover of the original theme from the flick done by Ennio Morricone. Yes, it’s strange, but the sixties were full of instrumental hits, and when this broke most people had no idea who […]

Midnight Rider

In 1973, the Allman Brothers were the biggest band in the land. Sure, Duane had died two years before, not long after the commercial and artistic breakthrough known as “Fillmore East,” but the band carried on, ate a peach, lost Berry and emerged with an album so ubiquitous, we were all ramblin’ men and women. […]

Shake It Off

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off Is this progress? Once upon a time Taylor Swift became the biggest star in the world by testifying from the depths of her soul. And now she’s soulless. Shake it off? Isn’t this one step away from the rappers boasting how much better they are than us? I’d say […]