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The Allen Klein Book

I want you to read it, so you can see how the world really works. A man from nothing, who even lived in the orphanage, desires to make it. Chances are you don’t have this drive, you did not do without. And therefore you’re not only unwilling to do the extreme work, you’re unable to […]

More Musk

THE HYPERLOOP California isn’t thinking BIG ENOUGH! I’ll never get over Chris Christie nixing the tunnel to New York. The future is coming, we’ve got to prepare for it. Which is why we need high speed rail, right? Not if it’s the slowest bullet train in the world and it’s gonna take until 2029 to […]

The Elon Musk Book

No wonder they all drop out of school. That’s right, if you’re getting your MBA you’re learning how to get along. Those who change the world do not. They’re one step ahead of everybody else and frustrated that those behind them don’t get it, so they act in mercurial ways and get laughed at…until everybody […]

The Children’s Crusade

I could not put this book down, I turned out the lights at 3 AM two nights in a row. Then again, that’s not much later than my usual bedtime. So the way I discover books is by reading the reviews and then going to Amazon and checking the ratings. I’m only interested in that […]