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Sunk Costs

Ginny gave me “The Art of Critical Decision Making” for Christmas. She gave everybody else a bathrobe. After saying it’s hard to buy a gift for me, she told me to get back to her, to let her know what I thought. Huh. I’m self-educated. Show me a lecturer and I’ll point out someone I […]


1. “The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves” by Stephen Grosz I think everybody should read this book. We live in a funny world, everybody’s a winner, everybody’s complete. But I must say I’ve got more questions than answers. And reading this book stimulated me more than anything that’s passed before my eyeballs […]

The Goldfinch

It’s the best book I’ve read all year and almost nobody’s gonna read it. Because the intro is so damn slow and so overwritten you can’t help but put it down. I did. But having loved “The Secret History” so much I picked it back up, waited for the scenery to change and was blown […]

The Amazon Book

I’m only twenty percent in (yes, I’m reading it on a Kindle), but I can’t recommend it heartily enough. Because first and foremost it’s readable. Content is not king if you can’t understand it, if you’re not called to it in the middle of the night. If someone doesn’t want to hear your record when […]