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The Sunday Paper

I read it with my iPhone. No, I don’t read it ON my iPhone, (oh wait, that’s not true, I do, the night before, when I can’t wait for tomorrow’s news), but with my handheld wireless device by my side, in my pocket, ready to look up anybody who says something provocative or intimate…I want […]

Cowboys and Indies

Would Bob Dylan have made it without Albert Grossman? I just read a new music industry book entitled “Cowboys and Indies,” which will be published in June. I doubt it will be a runaway success, unlike “Hit Men,” it contains no bombshells. But it does add a deeper layer of insider knowledge to the stories […]

Sunk Costs

Ginny gave me “The Art of Critical Decision Making” for Christmas. She gave everybody else a bathrobe. After saying it’s hard to buy a gift for me, she told me to get back to her, to let her know what I thought. Huh. I’m self-educated. Show me a lecturer and I’ll point out someone I […]


1. “The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves” by Stephen Grosz I think everybody should read this book. We live in a funny world, everybody’s a winner, everybody’s complete. But I must say I’ve got more questions than answers. And reading this book stimulated me more than anything that’s passed before my eyeballs […]