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Apple Buys Beats

The streaming music service, not the headphones. The headphones are going bonkers, despite every audiophile in the world castigating them for their bass-heavy frequency response, turns out music is a fashion item and everybody wants to be fashionable. Easier to spend a few hundred dollars on ear cans as opposed to a Rolls-Royce or a […]

iOS 7.1

Is this where I anger the Android users? You know, the ones who excoriate Apple at the same time being unable to upgrade the software on their phones? I don’t know about you, but I’m O.D’ed on feature creep. Or should we call it app creep. I’m sick and tired of twentysomethings inventing something new […]


You don’t know what you need. Once upon a time, advertising spread the word. But with untrustworthy corporations and a plethora of products, we’re all overwhelmed just trying to catch up with what we already own, never mind experiencing the new. There are more features in your OS than you can fathom. And it seems […]


I was teaching my mother how to text. Easy for you, deeficult for me. That’s Senor Wences. If you’re in the neighborhood of sixty and used to see him on Ed Sullivan. He talked with his hand. Felice replicates the fingers and the voice and it freaks me out. And that was a long time […]