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The Apple Watch

It’s overpriced. It doesn’t do anything. It’s a me-too product. I don’t need it. I don’t want it. Sound familiar? That’s exactly what we heard about the iPod back in 2001. And that went on to change music forever! You overpaid, the price came down, you replaced your original, you owned multiple iterations and you […]

Guy Oseary/U2

“U2’s Manager Responds to Backlash: If You Don’t Like This Gift, Delete It” Speaking of tone deaf scumbags… The spam problem is all over the news, I have to delete hundreds of messages a day, but when U2 does it it’s legitimate. Ugh. It’s almost like they don’t live in the real world, like they […]


Loyalty counts. Jimmy Iovine delivered. For U2 that is. Some things never change, it all depends on who you know and establishing long term relationships. But that will not make U2’s new album a hit. Why weren’t tour tickets on sale today too? Why didn’t Guy O. harness the momentum? Because the music business is […]

My New Phone

Only suckers switch to Samsung. I’ve never ever been to the Genius Bar before. Because I find I can fix most problems myself. The web is a cornucopia of information, if you can’t find the answer in the Apple Support Communities, you don’t have a problem. But finally at my limit with my Mac Pro, […]