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Jimmy Iovine On Women

“Jimmy Iovine: ‘Women Find It Very Difficult At Times To Find Music’” Wherein Jimmy Iovine has his Al Campanis moment. Tim Cook comes out and advocates for gender equality but his lieutenant sets back the cause of women to the Stone Age. Where’s Gloria Steinem when you need her? Or Naomi Klein, never mind Naomi […]

Jimmy Iovine

Three strikes and you’re out. Farmclub, Beats Music and now Apple Music. And while we’re at it, Jimmy bears some responsibility for the failed Pressplay, and that’s four strikes. Not that Jimmy Iovine is not talented. It’s just that his talent lies in the field of…TALENT RELATIONS! Jimmy’s all about sucking you into his orbit, […]

Apple Music Trial Period Ends

They’re not gonna tell us how many subscribers they’ve got. And they’re not gonna extend the free period, the rightsholders won’t let them. So what have we learned here… Apple launched a beta product. How could they get it so wrong? They have public betas of iOS 9 and El Capitan and they throw this […]

Apple Music’s Functionality Failure

They broke Clayton Christensen’s rule. The other night, I decided to play some MP3s. Retro, I know. But I heard a song on the radio and I wanted to hear more by that artist and I didn’t want to pay for bandwidth when I knew I had most of his canon on my phone and… […]