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The 48%

“People are giving up on Apple Music, survey says – 48 percent of Apple Music trialists have stopped using the service, but Apple has denied that claim” -The Verge Is Apple Music the new Twitter? You know they’re in trouble when they respond. Steve Jobs would never do this. Even if their number is accurate, […]

11 Million Subs

How come no one is calling Apple Music a disaster? Forget the usability issues, all the industry hype about Beats 1. The truth is the public just doesn’t care. In case you missed the memo, Eddy Cue told “USA Today” that 11 million people signed up for an Apple Music subscription. Talk to Twitter, registered […]


Individuals matter. Jimmy Iovine willed Interscope to success. And Steve Jobs did the same with Apple. But now he’s gone and Apple is hurting. APPLE WATCH Tech is about a level playing ground, albeit an oftentimes expensive one. Everybody gets to eat at the buffet, as long as they can afford the entry ticket. But […]

Apple Music-Day Three

1. It’s about the money. Never lose sight of this. Apple Music will only be a success if ninety days in, a great proportion of those kicking the tires pay to subscribe. And this is doubtful. Because most people are cheap and the only way you can compete with free is to provide a service […]