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The Steve Jobs Book

“Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader” You are not Steve Jobs. If you’re reading this book for tips, to model yourself in his image, you’re making a big mistake. Because Steve Jobs was sui generis. And so are you. That’s one of the things wrong with America. The […]

Never Say Never

Coke is in a tailspin, McDonald’s is dying, a star football player retires after one year of play, Apple offers twenty five TV channels for $30-$40 and SXSW is now a tech, not a music, festival. Dude, what happened to my country? If you’re expecting the past to come back, if you’re lamenting the loss […]

The Apple Presentation

Apple – Live- March 2015 Special Event You’re gonna have an Apple Watch. Just maybe not this one. Christy Turlington Burns is the opposite of nerd culture, and models are only skin-deep, but I get it, you’ve got to appeal to the fashionistas if you’re gonna sell timepieces. Still, couldn’t you get someone younger who […]


1. The major labels will only get stronger. We live in an a money economy and the only ones willing to invest in artists are the labels. Furthermore, they’ve got the relationships at radio, which are key to developing acts. The players want cash, the major labels have it, no one else will get involved […]