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1. The major labels will only get stronger. We live in an a money economy and the only ones willing to invest in artists are the labels. Furthermore, they’ve got the relationships at radio, which are key to developing acts. The players want cash, the major labels have it, no one else will get involved […]

My New Computer

I got an iMac5k. For those playing the home game, you’ll remember my Mac Pro bit the dust on July 4th weekend. I had it limping along, able to transfer documents from my laptop, able to download Mail, but then it died completely, however I could access the hard drives via Target Disk Mode, but […]

Apple Notes

iPHONE 6 Everybody thinks I have an Android. Malcolm Gladwell told me the problem with e-readers is no one knows what you’re reading, and for an author that’s anathema. The cover of the book sells the book, but if no one can see it… No one can see I have an iPhone 6. I purchased […]

Is Apple Pay Bigger Than 1989?

It’s cool, disruptive and completely unexpected. Taylor Swift’s new album? No, APPLE PAY! And you wonder why musicians get no respect. That’s right, while Taylor Swift is busy cozying up to corporations, making sure her message gets out, Apple is competing with corporations and its users are up in arms complaining that CVS and Rite-Aid […]