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My New Phone

Only suckers switch to Samsung. I’ve never ever been to the Genius Bar before. Because I find I can fix most problems myself. The web is a cornucopia of information, if you can’t find the answer in the Apple Support Communities, you don’t have a problem. But finally at my limit with my Mac Pro, […]

Computer Problem

I’ll buy a new Mac, if only they can tell me what’s wrong with the one I have! Greetings from Computer Hell, a village where I’ve resided for the past two days when my Mac Pro decided it would allow the cursor to move, but not the screen. Huh? I mean the music is playing, […]


Apple Special Event June 2, 2014 People are cheap and stupid. Apple is expensive and smart. And the press and the analysts are not too smart either. The former looks for the hook, the latter only looks for the money. And what Apple featured yesterday was software. Huh? A baby boomer covets a car. A […]

The Beats Deal

Blame it on Bob Morgado. Who? That’s just the point. This guy single-handedly destroyed the Warner Music Group, by believing it was about making the trains run on time, short term profit and loss, by not knowing that business is all about people. Huh? Warner was the dream team. Not the umbrella company, but the […]