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Eric the Actor

He was the most famous celebrity you don’t know. Originally saddled with the sobriquet “Eric the Midget,” Eric Lynch’s protestations were heard and the Stern show staff agreed to refer to him as “Eric the Actor,” since he considered himself to be a thespian. Yes, the Howard Stern show. I wasn’t there when Eric originally […]

The Birthday Bash

What kind of crazy f____d up world do we live in where Howard Stern gets a better tribute than the Beatles? One in which Adam Levine does a spot-on rendition of “Purple Rain” and establishes his rock and roll bona fides overnight. I was planning on hearing this on the replay, but my flight was […]

Gaga On Stern

Howard’s the new buzz. Used to be you did Stern last, Gaga was smart enough to do Stern first. Yes, yesterday, the day her new album was released, Lady Gaga appeared on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show to talk and play, and the Internet and mainstream media are abuzz about it. Howard may be unavailable […]

Clear Channel Direct Deals

Have got to stop! Bob Pittman is everything that’s wrong with the terrestrial radio business, trying to cut an advantage while screwing not only competitors, but all those without clout. Wanna change the system Bob? Go to Washington, D.C. and agitate for recording use payments for everybody! This would truly be good for music, because […]