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Gray Day

We don’t get them too often in Southern California. And never during the summer. I didn’t move to Los Angeles for the weather, but it’s a nice extra. It’s great to make plans and not have to worry if it’s going to rain. But today it did, rain that is. Just a few sprinkles. But […]

Transportation In Paris

You want to take the subway, but Uber is so good the days of the cab are numbered. Yes, I took the aforementioned subway to Le Marais. The initial train from Place de la Concorde was so sophisticated I was laughing at the U.S. Until further along my journey I found broken escalators and schmutz. […]

Today In Paris

I saw Napoleon’s hat. Two of them, in fact. Along with his tomb. And his white horse, it was stuffed! What can I tell you, it’s all about the LIGHT! The clouds. It’s every painting you’ve ever seen, you know how the artists were inspired. And the French people? Keeping up their rep as rude. […]

The Chunnel

There’s an animal on the track. Or a train derailed. Info is sketchy, all I know is the Eurostar is delayed, so I figured I’d weigh in with a report. Greetings from London, England. Where I went with Felice’s family for a screening of “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” at the Royal Albert Hall. Amazing to see […]