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Today’s America

You’ve got to watch this video. That’s right, scroll down this page and click on the Rolls-Royce. A $35-million tear-down: L.A.’s unreal estate has plenty of buyers What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a real estate AGENT flaunts his wealth, not understanding it makes him a target? One in […]

Life Happens While You’re Not Paying Attention

Kind of like the Supreme Court. You vote for some guy who says he’ll lower your taxes, but the truth is this President gets to appoint a Supreme Court justice who serves for life and when a case comes up long after the exec is gone, you find out that the court is tilted in […]

Never Say Never

Coke is in a tailspin, McDonald’s is dying, a star football player retires after one year of play, Apple offers twenty five TV channels for $30-$40 and SXSW is now a tech, not a music, festival. Dude, what happened to my country? If you’re expecting the past to come back, if you’re lamenting the loss […]

House Of Cards-No Spoilers!

Who you marry is the most important decision you will make in your life. Trust me, I did it wrong. My ex was a financial disaster. That’s another thing they don’t prepare you for, retirement. No one is sitting at home, telling you you’ve got to save because you’re gonna outlive your money and social […]