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What I Hate About America

NO ONE CAN SACRIFICE Everybody’s for change, just as long as it doesn’t negatively impact them. They can’t lose their job, they can’t make less money, you’ve got to leave that to the march of capitalism, and then these same citizens cry to the government to protect them. Ugh. Unless we’re all willing to work […]


Do you know what it is? Ferguson is the first post-television news story. Used to be we turned on the box and were exposed to the world. Now the news is turning into the music business. You know the music business… A former juggernaut where everybody screamed for a decade and now there are few […]

Robin Williams

We all live so close to that line And so far from satisfaction “Song For Sharon” Joni Mitchell He was one of us. A baby boomer who seemed not to fly above the fray, but to be part of it. A man so gifted we wondered where he got it from, with a demeanor that […]

The East Coast

My mother sneaks into the movies. I’m here for a wedding. Actually, I already went. Saw Lloyd Blankfein, was dying to talk to him, but you know backstage rules, unless you’re introduced they never treat you right, so I didn’t. Before that I stopped at the Varvatos store. That’s the power of Howard Stern, John […]