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I Gotta Try

So I got up early to battle the traffic to Thousand Oaks, to see the hip doctor. Actually, he’s not a hip doctor, he’s a physiatrist. I went to the hip doctor, he said I don’t need a replacement. And I flew out west, but got fearful about my return back east, traffic was backed […]


“He who dies with the most toys wins.” Or is that a baby boomer paradigm? A concept so alien to their children that it will disappear into the ether, like 8-tracks and cassettes, a construct that will flummox future generations. George Carlin gained fame by pointing out our foibles, like our propensity to accumulate stuff. […]

Take It Easy

The sun is out, the surf is up and it’s a beautiful Southern California day. That’s right, we might be plagued by earthquakes and gridlock, but when the elements align, which is nearly every day, when you get behind the wheel and crank up the radio, you feel like a million bucks. So I just […]

Income Inequality

What about my incentive? I just spent an hour in traffic listening to Nick Hanauer tell me the pitchforks are coming out. Yup, the guy whose TED talk was banned wrote a piece last week on Politico and now the left-leaning NPR has him on delineating the evils of income inequality. But only the converted […]