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The PIGS, that’s what we called them back when I was growing up. And I still don’t trust the police, they’ve never been there when I needed them and have most certainly hassled me when I have not. Welcome to the sixties, minus the draft. Wherein the younger generation mistrusts their elders and… Wait a […]

My Birthday

Reality or the myth, take your pick! Greetings from my birthday, wherein I hit the trifecta, a pastrami sandwich at Langer’s, a movie (two, actually) and a hot fudge sundae. The tradition was established back in ’77, when it all came together by accident. My girlfriend introduced me to Langer’s. I introduced her to C.C. […]


I’m an alienated person. I feel too much and I don’t fit in. I’m not sure when I recognized this. Probably sometime in elementary school. When I thought doing well would result in happiness, when I couldn’t handle being the most popular kid in class. And when you fall from the throne you end up […]

Google Antitrust Case

It’s the beginning of the end. Once someone starts investigating you for the sins of the past, your future is screwed. Google is in trouble. Because tech is like music, it’s all what have you done for me lately. Only in tech, you can’t tour profitably on your hits of yesteryear, you can’t tour at […]