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Summer’s Almost Gone

But that did not prevent it from being a hundred degrees for nearly a week in SoCal. And it’s hard not to think about global warming/climate change, but what struck me so much was how early it got dark and how hot it was at the same time. As if the seasons were changing but […]

Sunday Thought

Why is everybody a scumbag? I think it started with Bill Clinton, who lied under oath. If the President doesn’t care about the truth, why should I? But a good case can be made for going back to Reagan, who legitimized greed. The baby boomers went from love one another to screw one another over […]


My tires are falling apart. This is not how it was supposed to be, I was supposed to be having lunch with Steve Barnett, but he canceled, he was going out of town. So I figured I’d use the free time to get my oil changed. I’m a dealer guy. Save me the feedback. Yes, […]

I Gotta Try

So I got up early to battle the traffic to Thousand Oaks, to see the hip doctor. Actually, he’s not a hip doctor, he’s a physiatrist. I went to the hip doctor, he said I don’t need a replacement. And I flew out west, but got fearful about my return back east, traffic was backed […]