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Jesse Winchester

I lived with the decent folks In the hills of old Vermont I know I’ve become the obituary guy, but Jesse Winchester had a place in the firmament and now he’s been completely forgotten, a footnote who’s succumbed to the sands of time. Kind of like “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” No one knows that […]

Today In Oslo

1. I met the guy who designed the Opera House! And I’m still shaking, pinching myself, he was more of a rock star than any I’ve met in many a year, because not only was he charismatic and looked the part, he could engage in a deep discussion of art. It’s all about money in […]

Mickey Rooney

I was just wondering whether he was still alive. In “One Trick Pony,” Paul Simon and his band are driving around in their van playing “Dead Rock Stars,” wondering who’s alive or dead. I had no problem. But when that movie was released, I was much younger. You get older and it’s all a blur. […]

What I Learned In Oslo Today

1. I used to always be early, but now I’m afraid of being late. Being early is a curse in a world where everybody is late. Not only do you waste time waiting for people, you end up being the greeting committee, making small talk, introducing people. Almost no one is on time in L.A., […]