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The Little Diner

He made the onion rings from scratch! I don’t know about you, but I’m confused by modern life. I grew up in the sixties, when the middle class ruled, when we’d never heard of private jets and the mantra of my generation was to be all you could be, yes, the army ripped us off. […]


I fell on my butt. I was coming down the stairs with a Coke in my hand when my feet started to slip. And it’s funny how these things happen in slow motion. One foot might gain purchase, maybe I can right myself, this could be near-miss, a close call discussed for an hour or […]

Modern Life

We know everything and we know nothing. We know that a plane was shot down over Ukraine, but we’ve got no idea what the number one record is. We’re grazers, we’re surfers, according to Google, we pull our smartphones from our pockets 125 times a day. We want to be on the pulse, but no […]

Johnny Winter

Methinks he O.D.’ed. I understand the use of drugs on the road, but it’s hard for me to glorify them. As much as I believe marijuana should be legalized, along with the harder stuff, it bugs me that we lionize inebriation, as if the highest state of being is to be high. Because personally, my […]