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I’m In Love With My Tires

Did you catch the reference? Yup, to one of Queen’s album tracks that we know by heart from their greatest album, “A Night At The Opera.” “I’m In Love With My Car”…my favorite lyric is “string back gloves in my automolove”…how’d Roger Taylor come up with this stuff? And I can’t get the song out […]

Raphael Ravenscroft

He died. Maybe you weren’t alive in 1978 when “Baker Street” filled the airwaves. Gerry Rafferty was one half of Stealers Wheel which had minor chart impact with “Stuck In The Middle With You” and then came this. Winding your way down on Baker Street Some songs take you away. They pour out of the […]


1. They’re making no more of it. Doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, we all abide by the same clock. 2. Stimulation. That’s what we all want with our time. We want to be excited, we want to be titillated. We want the jones love gives us, the high of infatuation, the satisfaction of […]

Suze Orman

She reminds me of my father. I never watched her CNBC show, I really had no idea who she was, but Felice kept turning her on at 6 every Saturday and I’ve become hooked. Because she’s the voice of reason in an unreasonable world. I like to think I know everything. But I was stunned […]