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1. They’re making no more of it. Doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, we all abide by the same clock. 2. Stimulation. That’s what we all want with our time. We want to be excited, we want to be titillated. We want the jones love gives us, the high of infatuation, the satisfaction of […]

Suze Orman

She reminds me of my father. I never watched her CNBC show, I really had no idea who she was, but Felice kept turning her on at 6 every Saturday and I’ve become hooked. Because she’s the voice of reason in an unreasonable world. I like to think I know everything. But I was stunned […]

Rhinofy-Peter, Paul and Mary Primer

500 MILES Could be the first Peter, Paul and Mary track I ever heard. A staple at summer camp, it was emblematic of the folk boom, hell, we even had a folk TV show, “Hootenanny.” Everybody knew the lyrics and longhaired girls strummed the tune on acoustic guitars and this could have been the first […]

Cast Your Soul

When you think you know where the road will go There’s another mystery around the bend Every night I lie on the floor and listen to Deezer Elite and my old favorites come alive. It’s funny, it doesn’t work during the day, I’m nocturnal anyway, I’d prefer to live in darkness, when the world slows […]