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It’s America’s first music shed, summer home of the Boston Symphony, I went there Sunday with my mother. But almost not. You see Dark Sky said it was gonna rain. I already told my mom that I couldn’t sit on the lawn, you see I take this pill that makes me uber-susceptible to the rays […]


He can’t win and he shouldn’t… But it’s mindblowing to watch the pundits and players react to his statements. I’ve got no love for John McCain, but he’s an untouchable. You can’t question the man because of his war hero status. But what if you questioned that itself? What if you refused to play by […]

La Super-Rica

What about the people who are not trying to get rich? I spent the weekend in Carpinteria, California. Less than ninety minutes from L.A., it puts you in a completely different headspace. With tall mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, this middle class place reminds you of nothing so much as […]

Life Rules

1. Karma exists. It may not be instant like in that John Lennon song, but it happens. May take a long time, might not be easily seen, may not be visible to anybody but you, the one who was scathed, but it’s real. 2. Niceness triumphs. Although no one can be nice all the time. […]