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It is absolutely positively CRIMINAL that Alice Cooper is not in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  While Robbie Robertson and other exalted insiders have left the boards, are sitting behind a desk instead of standing in front of a microphone, Alice Cooper is out KILLING night after night and those in power, with their multi-thousand dollar suits and private jets, are IGNORING HIM!

I’m against clubs.  Because it’s always about us and them.  Or maybe I’ve just been an outsider too many times in my life.  But, if you’re gonna have an organization lauding artistic breakthroughs, and excellence, you’ve got to induct Alice Cooper LIGHT YEARS before Blondie and the rest of the dreck now passing through the doors of the Hall.

Or maybe these guys just hate what Alice represented.  A ton of alcohol.  And testing LIMITS!  Alice pushed them way before the faux gangsters on MTV.

But as dramatic and challenging and ENTERTAINING as Vince Furnier’s live show was, a great deal of the music was positively AMAZING!  Not only the instrumentation, and the changes, and the riffs, but the LYRICS!

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is revered as a generational breakthrough but "Eighteen" is ignored.  Shit, the Nirvana song has got a great riff, but its words don’t COMPETE with those of the Alice Cooper anthem.

I want you to go back and listen to "Killer".  Like the kids.  The ones with barely any pubic hair who are going in droves to see Alice perform.  "Under My Wheels" is a better opener than anything the Stones have done in decades, and ranks right up there with THEIR best album introducing tracks.

And if you didn’t dig "Halo Of Flies" when this record came out, you were just too uptight.

The reason Lester Bangs is revered is he wasn’t too hip to call them like he saw them.  Not too inside to say an act that appeared to be all about the clothing had delivered a masterpiece.

Yes, Lester turned me on to "Killer".  And hopefully, if he were alive, he would boycott an organization like the Hall Of Fame for veering from its true mission.

Bob Ezrin might be legendary for the work he did with Pink Floyd on "The Wall", but he cut his chops with Alice Cooper.  He’s never done better work.  Not that the pricks at the R&RHOF know this.  But thank god LISTENERS, FANS, DO!!

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  1. Comment by Dick Wagner | 2006/04/29 at 10:21:12

    After reading all the commentary on Alice Cooper, I thought I’d throw my two cents in. I am Dick Wagner and I am familiar with Alice in ways no one else is, having spent so many years as his (along with Steve Hunter) lead guitarist and co-writer. Alice Cooper is and was a genius for his time and for the music business as a whole. He truly introduced the world to Theatrics in music, and opened the doors for Bowie, Reed, Kiss, Loaf, Manson and whoever else you can think of. With help and influence by myself and Ezrin, he ventured musically where no-one else has gone since. Listen to DA DA for a glimpse into the world of Alice Cooper as esoteric artist to see the depth of Irony and black humor. Ozzy Osborn…eat your heart out!

    I am proud to say I was an integral part of the 1970’s as part of the Alice Cooper show. Alice and I are writing together again for his next CD and I predict great things for this latest collaboration. Alice and I remain friends and what we have done so far is as effortless and satisfying as ever. To all who give a shit I say thanks for your continued involvement and support.

    Dick Wagner

  2. Comment by Sonja and Petra | 2006/06/26 at 07:29:29

    We agree too!
    And that is why we started a project on to get Alice finally inducted!
    Everyone who want to help us, please go to our myspace AC Hall of Fame Project and sign the petition. If you are registered, please become our friend and leave a comment!


    Sonja and Petra

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    I agree with Lefsetz… Alice Cooper richly deserves to be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

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