Gnarls Barkley

Have you HEARD this record?

I was driving from an appointment on Wilshire listening to Sirius.

I had the Stones on till the roundabout at 26th.  Then, I shifted to Marky Ramone on Faction.  I’m working my way down the dial.  It’s so HARD to learn the Sirius system, since it takes SO LONG for the titles to come up.  And I’m pushing the buttons, and then I hear this SONG!

Do you remember rock and roll radio?

Well, it wasn’t really rock and roll radio.  It was a melting pot.  It was Top Forty radio back in the sixties.  When you had a transistor glued to your ear, when you wouldn’t leave home without it, like your iPod today.

But not only do they not make that kind of radio today, they don’t make those kinds of RECORDS!  Shit that you hear ONCE and say WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?  You need to hear it again and again and AGAIN!

So, go to: Gnarls Barkley.  You’ll hear "Crazy" playing as the site loads.

Or go to  the Gnarls Barkley’s MySpace page.

"Crazy" sounds like a cross between Sly and the Family Stone and the Average White Band.  You get it IMMEDIATELY!

I came home and fired up my computer.  I went on Acquisition to look for the track.  I went to the act’s Website.  I needed the record RIGHT NOW!

This is the way it used to be.

Oh, let the track play for a while.  At first it won’t blow your mind.  But then, as it winds on, you’ll find yourself tapping your toe, moving your upper body to the groove.  It’s the bass.  Which is real, not synth, at least as far as I can hear.  It’s the tonality of the lead singer.  Like a more controlled Sylvester Stewart in "If You Want Me To Stay".  It’s the OOHS!

We used to listen.  Through the Beatles, the Stones, Herman’s Hermits.  And then they’d play some Motown track, something out of our purview that would drive us NUTS!

I’m on 20th Street, not far from my house, and all I can say to myself is THIS IS A HIT!

Meanwhile, the version on MySpace SOUNDS better, but being MySpace, you might have a buffering problem.

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