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IAN’S PRESENTATION Getting Practical: A Step-By-Step Guide to Building an Online Marketing Plan That Works (Ian’s Presentation From New Music Seminar Los Angeles, February 2011) There’s a lot of good stuff here.  And I’m going to excerpt a few quotes for those who may not click through: "I have what I hope is good news: […]


THE APPLE NUMBERS How long do you keep a cell phone?  Two years at most. That’s why Apple stock is going to go through the roof. I thought it was properly priced or overvalued, I told a friend not to buy any more at these prices.  But what made me think different was Jason Schwartz’s […]

David Heinemeier Hansson at Startup School 08

I just blew half an hour watching this guy when I should be on the freeway to the Valley, to pick up Felice and go to Staples to see Michael Buble. Michael Buble? I don’t give a shit about Buble, his manager is a friend of mine.  No one is more passionate about his acts […]

Crazy Heart

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where the phony country music in a movie is better than everything on the hit parade? I bought that Alpha Band album.  I didn’t think T Bone Burnett was that good.  But I guess he developed.  Which is why all our pop stars don’t […]