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What kind of crazy fucked-up world do we live in where a Broadway musical exudes more creativity, honesty, intrigue and interest than any record on the chart? One in which “The Book Of Mormon” takes chances and your only artistic hope is to pursue your dreams and cast money worries aside. Nothing will prepare you […]

I’ll Eat You Last

You probably don’t know who Sue Mengers was. And that’s just the point, entertainment is here today and very rarely tomorrow. It’s evanescent, of the moment, and if you want to play, you need pluck, smarts and insight, this is one place a college degree doesn’t mean much.. I recently finished Lynda Obst’s new book […]

Rock Stars

Test limits. They do the unexpected. They make our jaws drop. Have you seen “Book Of Mormon”? There’s a tribal chief with a name so OUT THERE, so OFFENSIVE, so SWEAR WORD, that I cannot use it in this e-mail, or you won’t get it. Yup, I love to use the F-word. But I can’t. […]

God Of Carnage

There’s something exhilarating about watching great actors perform.  It’s like watching Michael Jordan sink a basket with tenths of a second left on the clock, or watching Jeff Beck wring notes from his guitar.  Surrounded by mediocrity, our eyes bug out when we’re exposed to brilliance. Everybody wants us to settle for mediocrity.  It’s good […]