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I really like this show. The problem with Lena Dunham is she’s overhyped. Once upon a time you labored in obscurity, you gained traction slowly and then were universally applauded. Now it’s the reverse. You haven’t got your shit together, you emerge with tons of publicity, the press says you’re great and we say you’re […]

House Of Cards-No Spoilers!

Who you marry is the most important decision you will make in your life. Trust me, I did it wrong. My ex was a financial disaster. That’s another thing they don’t prepare you for, retirement. No one is sitting at home, telling you you’ve got to save because you’re gonna outlive your money and social […]

Catalina On Shark Tank

She’s selling lingerie. What do I know about lingerie…NOTHING! But I do know something about people. And I know that smart is not everything. Nor is CV. The fact that you went to a good school and can crunch the numbers is worth something, but not everything. Stunningly, the sharks know all this. They’re just […]

The Apple Presentation

Apple – Live- March 2015 Special Event You’re gonna have an Apple Watch. Just maybe not this one. Christy Turlington Burns is the opposite of nerd culture, and models are only skin-deep, but I get it, you’ve got to appeal to the fashionistas if you’re gonna sell timepieces. Still, couldn’t you get someone younger who […]