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John Oliver vs. Lorne Michaels

Who has the best farm team, Lorne Michaels or Jon Stewart? The latter is retired, but he spawned Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. Who has Lorne hatched for us lately? NOBODY! But Lorne controls the media, he’s the King of New York! But there’s a new emperor in town. Welcome to 2015 where there’s so […]

Narcos Lessons

GENIUS TRIUMPHS It’s not something you learn in books, but an ability you’re born with, that you believe in, that you exercise. Success in life is about analysis. That’s what they teach in the elite institutions that those going to lesser colleges miss out on. Facts are irrelevant, you can look them up online. But […]

Beau Willimon Responds

Re: Narcos Hey Bob, Great post. It’s truly an exciting time for television. Always appreciate when you give HOC a shout-out. Loved how you traced back the last 30 years of TV to where this current era began. And you’re right – “Sopranos” was a game-changer. But to give credit where credit is due, Tom […]


Are you watching this?? Somehow the TV industry has leveraged the power of the internet to hit a new high in quality. It’s as if after Napster we had the Beatles and the Stones, with Yes and Genesis to follow. That’s right, forget the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. That’s long after the fact. […]