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Video Music Awards

What channel is MTV again? And what kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where an unscripted precursor is the height of the show. That’s right, the shooting of Suge Knight was this year’s memorable moment, and that’s all the VMAs are about these days, trying to create lasting impressions, which this […]

John Oliver

Fix the teeth, make it shorter and lie about your age. Is John Oliver breaking all the rules or is the truth there are no rules to begin with? What we know is you’ve go to appeal to the younger generation, oldsters don’t switch products, advertisers are not interested, if you’re not shooting for tweens […]


BEST CLIP OF THE WEEK “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Climate Change Debate” I watch no television other than Bill Maher. Oh, I pay for it, just call Time Warner and they’ll remind you if you excise TV from your bill, your Internet price will soar. But I’m now going to tune into […]

News Roundup

MACKLEMORE DRESSES UP AS OFFENSIVE JEWISH CARICATURE AT SECRET SHOW Macklemore Dresses Up As Offensive Jewish Caricature At Secret Show Anti-Semitism is in our rearview mirror just like racism…not. Anti-Semitism is rooted in ignorance. Stereotypes are reinforced as those perpetrating the myths have little to no contact with Jews. Macklemore is lauded at the Grammys […]