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What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a TV show takes on brands and scumbag musicians cozy up to them? That’s the fight we’re in people. It’s us versus the corporations. And you’ve got to decide which side you’re on. Are you someone sans backbone who will do anything for […]

The Grammys

Everybody hated them. I did not. But there were no hooks, no moments that drove me to the computer, that made me want to write to you. It turns out everybody’s disappointed that their music wasn’t featured. Or, if it was, it was featured in a bastardized way. They’ve had enough of the “Grammy Moments,” […]

AXS TV Grammy Prediction Special

I had a car accident. An unlicensed driver in an unregistered truck took a wide turn and slammed into me. Oh, I’m okay, just in shock. Well, maybe there’s some soft tissue damage. I can feel it a bit in my neck and shoulder, but nothing life-threatening. And you get as old as I am […]

The Super Bowl

You don’t put the ball in the air and you don’t do your act on someone else’s turf. Huh? The mo changed after the Patriots shut down the Seahawks in the fourth quarter. Seattle did not get the benefit of a pass interference call but then they did get that lucky break with the bounce […]