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I haven’t watched in a long, long time. But there was a time when I couldn’t miss it. It was the SNL of its day. It was our program. With our sensibilities and irreverence. Yes, once upon a time the baby boomers were the younger generation, champing at the bit to replace our parents. But […]


Never bet against Tom Freston. And he’s bet on Shane Smith. As MTV cedes its reign as the voice of a generation, as websites go click-happy, with an ever-descending parade of lowest common denominator drivel, Vice is rising like a phoenix to become the most important media outlet appealing to the younger generation. That’s right, […]

House of Cards Lessons

1. You Need A Partner There’s a reason why spouses get fifty percent in community property states, because you don’t make that money alone, you depend on the counsel and soothing of your significant other. Furthermore, the inability to force one spouse to testify against the other in court speaks to the bond between the […]

The Oscars

And the winner is… SAMSUNG! Ellen uses an iPhone backstage, but when it comes to taking the Oscar selfie…she kowtows to those who pay, just like the rest of these besuited actors who bend over and take it up the rear regularly…come on, did you hear them use their time to thank anybody and everybody […]