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American Idol

Broke the mold. It posited that there was unheralded talent that the usual suspects, the major labels and their A&R teams, were unjustly ignoring, and that by scooping up singers the public could decide who was best and a star could be born. It worked. And everybody making music the old way HATED IT! That’s […]


It used to be a religion. That’s right, late night started with Steve Allen, matured with Johnny Carson and ended with David Letterman. There are people on at 11:35 now, even 11 and 12:35, but they’re poseurs, inheritors of a throne no one pays fealty to anymore, despite a fawning press gushing in adulation, trying […]


We believe in it because there’s no advertising. That’s not completely true, that’s just the icing on the cake. The truth is HBO is a paragon of excellence with deep pockets that attracts the best creators in media. And when HBO says yes, which is not that often, it gives carte blanche to those creators, […]

The Great Unbundling

Nobody wants to watch the Discovery Channel. 2.9 million people viewed “Naked and Afraid.” But a hundred million paid for it. More than a buck a month. The CEO made $156 million. Now what? Lawsuits. Verizon is following the customer, allowing its FiOS TV subscribers to pick and choose channels. And the content providers are […]