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Television Trumps Digital

Buy this book. IMMEDIATELY! “Television Is the New Television: The Unexpected Triumph of Old Media In the Digital Age” The first thing I do every morning is check the headlines in the “New York Times” app, to see if the world blew up. I’d like to check the “Wall Street Journal” app but its functionality […]

Brian Williams

Robert Downey, Jr. paid his debt to society and came back as Iron Man. Williams didn’t do drugs, he only lied, he’s been off the air for months, bring him back into his old chair because he’s a movie star and if you don’t think the nightly news is entertainment, you’re not aware of the […]

John Oliver Rules

PAY YOUR DUES HBO did not hire John Oliver with no CV. Oliver had spent years in the trenches at the “Daily Show,” honing his craft, playing number two before he ascended to the anchor chair. Do not believe you’re ready before you truly are. Study those in line ahead of you. Know that your […]

American Idol

Broke the mold. It posited that there was unheralded talent that the usual suspects, the major labels and their A&R teams, were unjustly ignoring, and that by scooping up singers the public could decide who was best and a star could be born. It worked. And everybody making music the old way HATED IT! That’s […]