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Shark Tank Update

Why is everybody so DELUSIONAL? Needless to say entrepreneurs are the new singer/songwriters, albeit with a bigger upside. It’s the American Dream, create something and get someone else to blow it up. For every Ian MacKaye, there’s someone polishing a turd, just hoping that Lucian Grainge will make a seven figure deal with them. Everything’s […]

Sonic Highways-Austin & D.C.

You used to be nobody. Los Angeles and New York were a dream. Rather than build a shrine to yourself on social media, you became engrossed in media, in music and films, and you went to the theatre, to the show, to get closer. Nowhere as much as in Washington, D.C. Where there was a […]

Tina & Amy Host The Golden Globes

And they say women can’t be funny. Once upon a time we looked up to movie stars, they were royalty we emulated and adored. Now they’re fodder for derision. They don’t realize we don’t care about their high concept films. That’s right Nic Cage, you were a star, now you’re a punchline. We revere money […]

Sonic Highways-Nashville

I could watch this all day! Talk to Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney too…it’s all about inspiration. And in a world where money comes first and fame second, it’s hard to find that thing that makes your hair stand on end and say…I WANT TO DO THAT! Everybody successful has that moment. When lightning struck and […]