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Dear Sugar Radio

Do you want to sleep with other people? There’s a podcast revolution taking place. Like the digital photography revolution, its arrival comes long after the hype. We heard for ten years that digital photography was going to kill film, and then, seemingly overnight, it did. And the funny thing is a picture is no longer […]

New Reading Glasses

“The clerk is a jerk.” That’s what Jeff Garlin told Marc Maron. Actually, that’s what Jeff Garlin’s mother told Jeff. That you want to talk to the MANAGER! Maybe it’s a Jewish shtick, but my father was full of these aphorisms. Like you need to see the BIG DOCTOR! Especially in L.A., where they’re available. […]

David Sedaris

He hates dogs. I’ve become a podcast aficionado. But I only listen to three, the exquisite “Here’s The Thing,” with Alec Baldwin, the otherworldly “Radiolab” and Marc Maron’s “WTF.” Maron produces the most. But he’s my least favorite. Because he’s run out of guests. What I mean by that is the Internet is about niches. […]

Jimmie Walker On Maron

Who knew JJ could be so fascinating? I’m still waiting to get to the part where he delves into not being black enough. That he was too commercial and went through a very dark period…pardon the pun, but he was not laughing when he referenced it. Jimmie talks about going to the Apollo. He gives […]