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The Oscars

It’d be like restricting Taylor Swift to vinyl. Or having Jason Isbell play the Grammys instead of Luke Bryan. How in hell did the movie business lose touch with America? The Oscars used to be an international rite. A veritable holiday. Movies drove the culture, especially after classic rock decimated credibility in music and disco […]

Tina & Amy Host The Golden Globes

And they say women can’t be funny. Once upon a time we looked up to movie stars, they were royalty we emulated and adored. Now they’re fodder for derision. They don’t realize we don’t care about their high concept films. That’s right Nic Cage, you were a star, now you’re a punchline. We revere money […]


1. The major labels will only get stronger. We live in an a money economy and the only ones willing to invest in artists are the labels. Furthermore, they’ve got the relationships at radio, which are key to developing acts. The players want cash, the major labels have it, no one else will get involved […]

Listen Up Philip

Listen Up Philip That was depressing. Sometimes I don’t know who I am anymore. You live long enough and the dreams you had fade into darkness, replaced by life, and then you realize you’re just living, you’ve got no idea where you’re going, time is running out of the hourglass and you want to hold […]