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The Doobie Brothers Documentary On Qello

Tech is evanescent. Music, when done right, is forever. Steve Jobs famously said he was creating tools, to enable the creations of others. Musicians are at the end of the line, they are the creators. Social media is about providing a service. You’re beholden to your customers, you follow them. Musicians walk into the wilderness […]

The Tower Records Documentary

This is not the movie you wanted it to be. This is a business story. About the power of individuals, with big dreams and the ability and desire to make them come true. No Russ Solomon, no Tower Records. Your heart will pitter-patter when you see Elton John combing the aisles in a tracksuit before […]

The Rich Get Richer

“The Crowding-Out Effect of Gargantuan Movies” This has already happened in music, it’s just that nobody wants to admit it. A few superstar acts are making all the dough. The rest are blaming the internet and Spotify for decimating their financial careers. But the truth is most people don’t care. Most people are lonely, disconnected, […]

The Amy Winehouse Movie

What impressed me most was she was singing her truth, unselfconsciously, in a world where we’re all too guarded, posting on Instagram about our fabulous lives when the truth is so often we feel tortured and unsure, insecure. Amy Winehouse was insecure. And she dealt with this by doing her best not to be too […]