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Popcorn Time

Watch Richard Greenfield’s YouTube video: Popcorn Time Thank god we’re in the music business, we’ve already been through the transition, we’ve already been pushed back to zero, we’re in an era of rebirth so strong that if you think the music business is in trouble, you’re not in it. Blockbuster acts make more money than […]

The Oscars

And the winner is… SAMSUNG! Ellen uses an iPhone backstage, but when it comes to taking the Oscar selfie…she kowtows to those who pay, just like the rest of these besuited actors who bend over and take it up the rear regularly…come on, did you hear them use their time to thank anybody and everybody […]

Oscar Right And Wrong

RIGHT The simulcast. The Grammys and music will never get the respect they deserve until they respect themselves. When you’re beholden to Les Moonves, you’re beholden to someone who only cares about ratings and his paycheck. When will Neil Portnow grow a pair of balls and stand up to CBS? That’s right, never. WRONG Ellen […]

Harold Ramis

He cowrote and starred in my favorite stupid movie of all time, “Stripes.” No “Private Benjamin,” the stars of “Stripes” were never co-opted, always maintained their humor and outsider perspective, and won in the end. In other words, the nerds inherited the earth. That’s what comedians once were. Before they all got sitcoms and made […]