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How do you get from the back of the train to the front? Greetings from sunny Southern California where it isn’t. That’s right, unlike in that old Albert Hammond song, today it’s RAINING! Something seen once every decade. Which is why if you bring up board games Angelenos are flummoxed, they know not about rainy […]

Rhinofy-Foreigner Primer

FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME 1977…the beginning of corporate rock or the last hurrah before disco? There were five rock stations in L.A. From soft sounding KNX on the left hand of the dial to the free-format alternative of KROQ on the right. But most people listened to what was in between, most famously KMET […]

News Roundup

MACKLEMORE DRESSES UP AS OFFENSIVE JEWISH CARICATURE AT SECRET SHOW Macklemore Dresses Up As Offensive Jewish Caricature At Secret Show Anti-Semitism is in our rearview mirror just like racism…not. Anti-Semitism is rooted in ignorance. Stereotypes are reinforced as those perpetrating the myths have little to no contact with Jews. Macklemore is lauded at the Grammys […]


The music business died with Live Aid. We can debate when it was born, whether it was with Bill Haley, Little Richard or the Beatles, but it was truly done after that July day in 1985, which was a victory lap Woodstock could only dream of. This wasn’t just 400,000 on Max Yasgur’s farm, the […]