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The John Seabrook Book

“The Song Machine: Inside The Hit Factory” We’re not in Kansas anymore. You will find the content of this book so offensive you will stop blaming Spotify for the death of music. Not that it’s that good. John Seabrook is a writer for the “New Yorker.” He specializes in covering what those in the industry […]

E-Book Sales Tank

“E-Book Sales Fall After New Amazon Contracts” Beware of your dream coming true. For years we’ve heard that music is undervalued, that people must pay more. But maybe the consumer doesn’t want to. That seems to be the case with e-books. When Amazon launched the Kindle no e-book was over ten bucks. A business burgeoned. […]

John Glatt’s Fillmore Book

“Live at the Fillmore East and West: Getting Backstage and Personal with Rock’s Greatest Legends” What people don’t understand is classic rock was a revolution, populated by the disenfranchised, hungry to have fun and make a difference. To think that these degenerates could conquer the world and lead a nation was anathema to the powers-that-be, […]

The Allen Klein Book

I want you to read it, so you can see how the world really works. A man from nothing, who even lived in the orphanage, desires to make it. Chances are you don’t have this drive, you did not do without. And therefore you’re not only unwilling to do the extreme work, you’re unable to […]