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Ze Frank At Code/Media

Who? I had no idea myself! Greetings from Laguna Niguel, where the easterners would move if they caught today’s sunset and sixty plus degree weather. That’s right, I’m here at the Code/Media Conference at the Ritz Carlton, where Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher and the rest of the refugees from the “Wall Street Journal” have come […]


Why does Neil Young get a pass? I don’t care that no one in the mainstream other than David Pogue has criticized Pono, I’m more worried about the rest of the stories. As Tony Wilson once told me, after screwing up the football scores for a news broadcast, the boss said no one cared about […]

Jay Z-Aspiro/Wimp/Tidal

It’s all about the endgame. That’s what amateurs don’t understand about business. Jay Z doesn’t want to own and operate a streaming service, he just wants to leverage his fame to raise awareness and then lay the whole thing off on someone else. I’m sick and tired of entertainment people thinking they can compete in […]

Google Glass

Killed by the public, the press gave it a free pass. That’s right, for years we were subjected to fawning stories about this idiotic product in the mainstream press. There were numerous pictures of Sergey and Larry at parties, looking like the dorks that they are, until suddenly barroom backlash surfaced in San Francisco and […]