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Netflix vs. Spotify

Once upon a time television was like radio, something you received over the air for free via an antenna. But in the eighties, TV moved to a subscription model, people paid for cable, for a better picture and more and better programming. So, customers became inured to paying a subscription fee, every month, in perpetuity. […]

The Spotify Payments Fracas

The artists are ignorant and Spotify is clueless. I feel like I have to be the lone voice in the wilderness, the correction factor, to all the b.s. strewn by the artist community, because Spotify has no cojones and sent in the B team as opposed to Daniel Ek. That’s right, kids who are thrilled […]

Deezer Hi-Def On Sonos

INCREDIBLE! I can see you in the morning when you go to school “Crime Of The Century.” That’s the album we used to take to the stereo store, to demo the products, to decide what we wanted to buy, that’s what I’m listening to right now on Sonos via Deezer Elite. Actually, there’s that sound […]

Too Much Of Everything

Now, too much of nothing Can make a man feel ill at ease “Too Much Of Nothing” Bob Dylan But it’s nothing compared to too much of everything. I remember going to college where there was one snowy television station, one lame college radio outlet and one movie theatre, never mind no internet or cell […]