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I spoke at the METal meeting. METal International Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either. But its majordomo implored me to come and my shrink was on vacation so I decided to get up early and appear. It was the opposite of the music business. The music business is populated by uneducated hustlers, people […]

11 Million Subs

How come no one is calling Apple Music a disaster? Forget the usability issues, all the industry hype about Beats 1. The truth is the public just doesn’t care. In case you missed the memo, Eddy Cue told “USA Today” that 11 million people signed up for an Apple Music subscription. Talk to Twitter, registered […]

This Week’s Quotes

“Next up: Neil Young’s announcement that he is pulling his music from streaming services because of poor sound quality. ‘He’s a cranky old man,’ says Blodget. ‘Not to get all academic, but that is one of the hallmarks of disruptive technology. They’re not as good, they’re just good enough. People hear disruptive technology and they […]

Neil Young On Streaming

Old man take a look at yourself What if you put out new music and no one cared? Even better, what if you said you were gonna save the music business and no one cared? Then you’d be Neil Young. I’d say he’s become a laughingstock, but the people he’s playing to, the writers for […]