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Taylor Swift On Apple Music

She’s right but she’s wrong. Apple should pay, but Swift acts like she’s above the rules, that she isn’t involved in music business shenanigans. In other words, while she’s at it why doesn’t she tackle breakage, free goods, radio shows, concert accounting… It’s a dirty business and Jimmy Iovine is too stupid to realize he’s […]

The Code Issue

What Is Code? You’ve got to read it. I famously said I’d buy a computer when you could talk to it. This was after trying to do a sociology project via the Dartmouth computer from a terminal at Middlebury back in ’73. Dartmouth was famous for its bleeding edge computer but I couldn’t get it […]

Twitter Transition

Maybe Twitter’s unfixable. Maybe it’s a fad like MySpace. Something gee-whiz, brand new, that is succeeded by a platform with more functionality. Twitter told us we want instant news. But it never turned into a comprehensible service. It’s the internet at its worst. A small enterprise where you communicate amongst your circle, with a bit […]

Apple Music

It’s toast. Its success was based upon eliminating free. But that positively non-techie entity known as the government put the kibosh on that. Now the labels and Apple are too scared to enact their plan of eliminating freemium. So while the techies leap ahead, creating solutions to problems we didn’t even know we had, those […]