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The Pulse

BOOKSTORES There was a front page story in the “New York Times” on the dearth of bookstores in Manhattan. I’m sick and tired of all the baby boomers lamenting the loss of yesterday. Sure, rents are high, sure Manhattan is quick becoming an artist free world, but that’s because of income inequality, the loss of […]

Apple Buys Beats

The streaming music service, not the headphones. The headphones are going bonkers, despite every audiophile in the world castigating them for their bass-heavy frequency response, turns out music is a fashion item and everybody wants to be fashionable. Easier to spend a few hundred dollars on ear cans as opposed to a Rolls-Royce or a […]

The Sunday Paper

I read it with my iPhone. No, I don’t read it ON my iPhone, (oh wait, that’s not true, I do, the night before, when I can’t wait for tomorrow’s news), but with my handheld wireless device by my side, in my pocket, ready to look up anybody who says something provocative or intimate…I want […]


Nobody likes an expert, everybody believes they can go it alone. Get a cold today and the last thing someone will do is say to go to the doctor. They’ll tell you about zinc and vitamins and all kinds of rubbish because it makes them feel powerful. There’s more junk science than ever, because the […]