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Computer Problem

I’ll buy a new Mac, if only they can tell me what’s wrong with the one I have! Greetings from Computer Hell, a village where I’ve resided for the past two days when my Mac Pro decided it would allow the cursor to move, but not the screen. Huh? I mean the music is playing, […]

Spotify Rules

1. You will delete your MP3s. Just like you tossed your 8-tracks and cassettes, you’ll get rid of your MP3s, all your iTunes purchases, kaput, evaporate, just like that. It will happen when you get a new computer, which isn’t as frequent as before, but the truth is we’re moving to flash storage and it’s […]

Songza To Google

It’s not about the product. That’s the dirty little secret of all these tech companies, the goal isn’t to create a good product, but to SELL OUT! It’s like a game of musical chairs, where the buy-in is millions, and everybody’s afraid to be left without a seat at the table when the music stops. […]


That’s Yahoo’s new business model. To sneak in advertorial amongst the real posts to try to get you to click on them so they can make money. And you wonder why no one trusts the press. David Carr did a good article about that today: “A Novel Lays Bare Media Ills” Which is why credibility […]