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Take away their Super Bowl victory. That’s right, strip them of their success, show that rules matter. But they don’t anymore in America. That’s what the underclass doesn’t understand…the level of cheating that goes on by their overlords, the rich and famous, the corporate titans, the sports stars. They keep telling us we’ve got to […]

Shutting Down Free

Do you expect punters to refrain from using Periscope when celebrities are paying 10k a ticket for the fight? Welcome to the teens, where those with money and power are completely ignorant as to how the rank and file think. We had to endure a month plus of hype for a brutal sporting event that […]

Roger Waters On Tech

Just because you’re a rock star, that doesn’t make you right. In case you missed it, Roger Waters railed against techies in the London “Times” behind a paywall, but read a snippet here: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters accuses music industry of ‘stealing every fucking cent anybody ever made’ and now we’ve got to see his […]

Data Kills Tidal

“The numbers don’t lie: Jay-Z’s Tidal music service is already a spectacular flop” Live by the data, die by the data. In other words, Jay Z’s not so smart. He may have been able to extract cash from Samsung, but he’s living in the last decade, if not the last century. You remember the 1990’s, […]