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People stopped sharing. “34% of Facebook users updated their status, and 37% shared their own photos, down from 50% and 59%, respectively, in the same period a year earlier.” Facebook Prods Users to Share a Bit More Or as Michael Wolf put it in his monster WSJ slide show… “Messaging will blow past social networks […]


We can debate the financial viability of “Grantland” all day long. But we cannot debate the fact that the site was synonymous with Bill Simmons, and without him it’s toast. Unlike the “Wall Street Journal”‘s digital coverage. Did you see the paper held a tech conference in Laguna with even more heavyweights than Recode? Illustrating […]

The Desperate Decade

The switch flipped back in 1980, maybe the beginning of ’81, it coincided with the election of Reagan, but what really happened back then, what started in the late seventies, was a focus on money. Baby boomers didn’t care about money. They’d grown up with enough of it. And those who hadn’t didn’t know any […]

Jimmy Iovine

Three strikes and you’re out. Farmclub, Beats Music and now Apple Music. And while we’re at it, Jimmy bears some responsibility for the failed Pressplay, and that’s four strikes. Not that Jimmy Iovine is not talented. It’s just that his talent lies in the field of…TALENT RELATIONS! Jimmy’s all about sucking you into his orbit, […]