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Dark Sky

Dark star, I see you in the morning Dark star, a’ sleeping next to me No, not “Dark Star,” DARK SKY! I love this guy Slava Rubin, he’s the Founder and CEO of Indiegogo. You know how some people rub you the wrong way at first and then you become best friends? That’s Slava. We […]

Not North Korea

This was on Techmeme days ago. That’s right, some security expert knows more than the government. The same intelligence agencies we’ve sacrificed our privacy to in order to be safe. The President stands up and denounces a country based on the protestations of an ignorant film studio, corroborated by the intelligence gang that can’t shoot […]


Yes, the hack was a criminal attack. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been laughing over the revelations, while I’m not crying over the racist comments. The truth is these Hollywood mavens think they’re better than us. And they can’t stop crying about piracy, can’t stop bitching that someone moved their cheese, […]

What We Learned This Year

Steve Barnett is a hero. He took Capitol from zero to the top of the heap. Shows what an individual can do. Sound may be lame on recordings, but it’s living large at the Forum, where a dedicated music space has touring acts and SoCal fans smiling. Talk about virality. Festivals are king. It’s still […]