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Taylor Swift Exits Spotify

“Taylor Swift Pulls Her Music From Spotify” This is about money. Not in the album, that’s bupkes compared to the tour! In other words, Taylor Swift is not selling a million plus albums this week to get rich on the sales, but to get rich on the penumbra. I.e. the tours, the endorsements, all the […]


I already feel powerless enough! That’s right, I may have the right to vote, but with gerrymandering and corporate influence it seems like a meaningless effort. Oh, don’t come down on me, I’ve never missed an election, but if you don’t think this country is screwed up in the governance department you must be ruling. […]

Recommended Reading

They served us breakfast. That might not sound weird, but it happened at 9:30 at night, an hour before we landed in Los Angeles, it’s like Air France can’t buck its own system, wherein you get fed dinner, go to sleep and then wake up at your destination rearing to go. And many people did […]

Apple Notes

iPHONE 6 Everybody thinks I have an Android. Malcolm Gladwell told me the problem with e-readers is no one knows what you’re reading, and for an author that’s anathema. The cover of the book sells the book, but if no one can see it… No one can see I have an iPhone 6. I purchased […]