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More ReCode

It had a lousy name, a dot net address and a terrible website. Sure, Mossberg and Swisher were starting all over, but they could have given themselves a fighting chance! “AllThingsD” was a brand, never underestimate the difficulty in building one and the power in an established one. Scott Weiland was in Velvet Revolver, what […]

ReCode To Vox

They couldn’t make it on their own. Walt Mossberg, one of America’s two most famous tech columnists, shot himself in the foot. He left the “Wall Street Journal.” They’re finding out in news what we already know in music, you can go it alone, the internet allows you to do this, but in a chaotic […]

Robert Kyncl

He thinks curation is bullshit. That’s right, we’ve been hearing for years that the solution to the industry’s problem, what’s going to save streaming, is curation. But Kyncl believes it’s all about fragmentation, not curation. Let’s start at the beginning. Kyncl is a bigwig at YouTube. Google him. And like the musicians bitching about not […]

$3.99 A Month

WTF is Rdio? No one even knew what Spotify was until Tay-Tay decided to dump on it. But now this also-ran streaming service executes a publicity campaign to get insiders to write about their discount service and somebody thinks this is gonna move the needle? HILARIOUS! Let’s start with tech. You’re either a winner or […]