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The Beatles Streaming

There’s a first mover advantage. That’s right, let Spotify stream your music early and you get a check or stock or both. Wait until the downside of the curve and you get bupkes. So let this be a lesson to all of you Luddites out there, the best way to leave money on the table […]

Today’s World

YOU’RE NEVER BORED There’s always stimulation at your fingertips, whether it be Netflix streaming on demand or books delivered wirelessly to your tablet. We always wondered what it was like living in the pre-TV era, never mind the 1800s, when there were vast stretches of emptiness in your day. Now we marvel at the last […]

The Data

Nate Silver told me Donald Trump can’t win. You remember Brother Nate, who called the last election which Mitt Romney thought he was gonna win and Karl Rove couldn’t believe he lost. Silver got it exactly right in the “New York Times,” which unlike a winning sports team didn’t give him what he wanted, so […]

Jimmy Iovine On Women

“Jimmy Iovine: ‘Women Find It Very Difficult At Times To Find Music’” Wherein Jimmy Iovine has his Al Campanis moment. Tim Cook comes out and advocates for gender equality but his lieutenant sets back the cause of women to the Stone Age. Where’s Gloria Steinem when you need her? Or Naomi Klein, never mind Naomi […]