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Jimmy Iovine On Women

“Jimmy Iovine: ‘Women Find It Very Difficult At Times To Find Music’” Wherein Jimmy Iovine has his Al Campanis moment. Tim Cook comes out and advocates for gender equality but his lieutenant sets back the cause of women to the Stone Age. Where’s Gloria Steinem when you need her? Or Naomi Klein, never mind Naomi […]


You’re just a pawn in their game. You think by protesting freemium you’re saving the world from broke musicians. But Wall Street talks and you walk, and it all comes down to money. And those with the deep pockets are playing for high stakes and they don’t care about what’s happening in your bedroom, the […]

Summit At Sea

This was not a music industry conference. There were no bands charged a fee to perform to no one despite believing this was their one big break. There were no secondary characters testifying about that which they had no contact with. This was a blue chip group of people listening to household names. Like Travis […]

Adele-To Stream Or Not To Stream?

It doesn’t matter. This is the kind of question that’s gummed up the works, and public perception, for the better part of two years. As if stars like Taylor Swift and Jay Z could affect human behavior, as if we don’t live in a world where the consumer is king and the rest of us […]