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Whether To Be On Spotify

New York City, just like I pictured it! Does anybody catch “Innervisions” references anymore? You know, “Living For The City”? That’s from the break. Anyway, the people watching is incredible. The older I get the more I realize that’s what it’s all about, interacting, having conversations, and I spent the afternoon at Q Prime, and […]

The Amazon/Hachette War

This is not about books. This is about corporations. And power. And the rights of not only artists, but individuals. There’s a fiction in America today that corporations are our friends. Amazon even pushes the paradigm by saying all its efforts are for us. Pitting writers against readers in a sideshow that deflects from the […]

The 21st Century

INFORMATION OVERLOAD The twentieth century was all about scarcity, making it to the top and then dominating. Today there’s so much information that you feel inadequate. It’s an endless buffet that never closes where you find yourself unable to resist taking one more bite, yet still believe there’s something you don’t know. Distribution used to […]


1. You don’t need to be good-looking to make it in music. The MTV era is over, kaput, history. Now it’s about the track. Who even knows what Avicii or Calvin Harris look like! Don’t be dissuaded by the ink TV competition shows garner, that’s a dying paradigm. Sure, being attractive never hurt, but having […]