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Loyalty counts. Jimmy Iovine delivered. For U2 that is. Some things never change, it all depends on who you know and establishing long term relationships. But that will not make U2’s new album a hit. Why weren’t tour tickets on sale today too? Why didn’t Guy O. harness the momentum? Because the music business is […]

WIMP Comes To America

Are you willing to pay twice as much to stream in lossless? Late last night doing my back exercises I decided to compare streaming services. Spotify is my default, I recreated a playlist in Beats Music and then I did the same thing in WIMP, and I was wowed. Now let’s be clear, getting lossless […]

The Nude Picture Scandal

How dumb can you be? Excoriate Perez Hilton, come down on 4chan, but what I want to know is why these celebrities have nude photos on their phones to begin with? Maybe I grew up in the dark ages, when you had to go to the porn shop to buy European magazines to see naked […]


SALES ARE DEAD The fact that news outlets trumpet them is testimony to their ignorance, not the stats’ relevance. It’s almost like it’s the year 2000 all over again, when the public knew what was going on but the media did not. Something is happening here and you don’t know what it is, do you, […]