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Twitter Wilts

It’s all about the data. That’s right, the Benjamins still count, but they don’t tell the complete story. Twitter sells advertising, Wall Street is happy, but users are abandoning the service. How do I know? The number of Oscar tweets fell 47% this year, from 11.2 million to 5.9 million. The spinners will say the […]

Final Recode

The star of the conference, other than the larger than life Mark Cuban, who delivered beyond expectations, was one Evan Williams, who started Blogger, Twitter and Medium and is a billionaire as a result. It is Evan who inspired me to write my piece about stardom yesterday. This is the path musicians used to take. […]

Ze Frank At Code/Media

Who? I had no idea myself! Greetings from Laguna Niguel, where the easterners would move if they caught today’s sunset and sixty plus degree weather. That’s right, I’m here at the Code/Media Conference at the Ritz Carlton, where Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher and the rest of the refugees from the “Wall Street Journal” have come […]


Why does Neil Young get a pass? I don’t care that no one in the mainstream other than David Pogue has criticized Pono, I’m more worried about the rest of the stories. As Tony Wilson once told me, after screwing up the football scores for a news broadcast, the boss said no one cared about […]