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My New Phone

Only suckers switch to Samsung. I’ve never ever been to the Genius Bar before. Because I find I can fix most problems myself. The web is a cornucopia of information, if you can’t find the answer in the Apple Support Communities, you don’t have a problem. But finally at my limit with my Mac Pro, […]

Kids Don’t Care About Cars

You mean I need a bigger engine and a swoopy style to get laid? I just go on Tinder! Welcome to the baby boomer nightmare, wherein everything they’ve held near and dear becomes irrelevant. Like automobiles. Cars are a utility. It’s not the seventies anymore, no one ever bows out of an affair citing car […]

Computer Problem

I’ll buy a new Mac, if only they can tell me what’s wrong with the one I have! Greetings from Computer Hell, a village where I’ve resided for the past two days when my Mac Pro decided it would allow the cursor to move, but not the screen. Huh? I mean the music is playing, […]

Spotify Rules

1. You will delete your MP3s. Just like you tossed your 8-tracks and cassettes, you’ll get rid of your MP3s, all your iTunes purchases, kaput, evaporate, just like that. It will happen when you get a new computer, which isn’t as frequent as before, but the truth is we’re moving to flash storage and it’s […]