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Data Kills Tidal

“The numbers don’t lie: Jay-Z’s Tidal music service is already a spectacular flop” Live by the data, die by the data. In other words, Jay Z’s not so smart. He may have been able to extract cash from Samsung, but he’s living in the last decade, if not the last century. You remember the 1990’s, […]

Google Antitrust Case

It’s the beginning of the end. Once someone starts investigating you for the sins of the past, your future is screwed. Google is in trouble. Because tech is like music, it’s all what have you done for me lately. Only in tech, you can’t tour profitably on your hits of yesteryear, you can’t tour at […]

The Apple Scam

This only works if they get rid of CDs and files. Here’s the skinny… Jimmy Iovine and the major labels are conspiring to get rid of free. Not only the free tier on Spotify, but YouTube too. Apple writes a check to the labels on 40 million subscribers for years, whether they reach that number […]

More Tidal

Enough already. Tidal is a nonstarter, its only benefit is it shines light on the sphere, i.e. paid music streaming services. But the way the industry is talking about it you’d think it was a savior, it’s not. Because it doesn’t put the consumer first. That’s our goal. To get the consumer to pay for […]