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What We Learned This Year

Steve Barnett is a hero. He took Capitol from zero to the top of the heap. Shows what an individual can do. Sound may be lame on recordings, but it’s living large at the Forum, where a dedicated music space has touring acts and SoCal fans smiling. Talk about virality. Festivals are king. It’s still […]

Today’s Viral Video

“Cody Townsend’s Line Of The Year” Greetings from Aspen, Colorado, where we’re in attendance for the 19th annual AspenLive conference, wherein old buddies reconnect and we discuss the music business on the slopes because we’re incapable of talking about anything else and we cement bonds that last a lifetime. Truly. Almost my entire social life […]

Pomplamoose Blog

“Pomplamoose 2014 Tour Profits” I don’t hate Jack Conte. I hate the people who are forwarding me this blog. What don’t you get about capitalism? The law of supply and demand? What I hate about artists is the constant bitching, as if the world owed them a living. I’ll go on record once again that […]

My New Computer

I got an iMac5k. For those playing the home game, you’ll remember my Mac Pro bit the dust on July 4th weekend. I had it limping along, able to transfer documents from my laptop, able to download Mail, but then it died completely, however I could access the hard drives via Target Disk Mode, but […]