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The Blurred Lines Decision

It’s the same song. And once you go to a jury… You’ve got to understand the law is not about common sense. It’s not about deciding who is right. It’s about laws, both statutes and cases, and even though someone or something might smell guilty, that does not mean they are under the law. Which […]

Fixing The Grammys

NO MASHUPS Everybody hates them, we’ve got to make the show special in other ways. SUPERSTAR HOST Elton John. He hosts the show next year. He comes out, does “Your Song,” a two minute monologue and then interstitial stuff where he’s catty and funny and himself all at the same time. He gets to sit […]


AOL Makes online easy. But it turns out online is much more than their walled garden and that cable and telephone companies utilize pricing pressure to get people to sign up for a bundle that includes internet access. Turns out that access is king. All of AOL’s content was no match for high speed access […]

Release Day Blues

Records are not movies. Not made for one weekend only. Music, when done right, is forever. And now that streaming services rule, the drop date, the release date, is just a moment in time. Everything will change. All the front-loaded publicity, all the inane coverage of the horse race, it’s irrelevant. Now it’s all about […]