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More Tidal

Enough already. Tidal is a nonstarter, its only benefit is it shines light on the sphere, i.e. paid music streaming services. But the way the industry is talking about it you’d think it was a savior, it’s not. Because it doesn’t put the consumer first. That’s our goal. To get the consumer to pay for […]

Internet Rules

NEVER TRY TO CORRAL THE CUSTOMER People balk at being controlled. Once you place limits, the public abandons you or finds a way to circumvent what you are doing. Give people the opportunity to do more, to expand their horizons, to share. Once you tell them what they cannot do, you’re screwed. This is why […]


Aren’t we supposed to hate corporations? But Tim Cook wrote a piece in the “Washington Post” and the governor blinked, it was techies and WALMART that stopped Indiana in its tracks. Isn’t this what musicians used to do? But musicians are afraid of offending people, afraid of being “Dixie-Chicked,” busy complaining that they just can’t […]

Apple Buys Spotify

The price? A COOL TEN BILLION! It had to happen. Apple’s stock rises when it has a monopoly. And despite all the iPhone profits, Android has greater worldwide market share. This is not the iPod revolution, wherein a seamless hardware/software combination, of iPod iTunes and FairPlay DRM, ensured that no other player could gain traction. […]