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Did you listen to James Taylor on Howard Stern? Despite all the press about the drought, it actually rained in L.A. on Thursday and Friday. Which is really quite strange. This came a couple of weeks after summer weather. Even worse, rain is like snow in L.A. It loosens the oil in the highway and […]

$3.99 A Month

WTF is Rdio? No one even knew what Spotify was until Tay-Tay decided to dump on it. But now this also-ran streaming service executes a publicity campaign to get insiders to write about their discount service and somebody thinks this is gonna move the needle? HILARIOUS! Let’s start with tech. You’re either a winner or […]

Stan Cornyn

The greatest record company in the history of the music business was Warner/Reprise. Don’t confuse today’s enterprise with yesteryear’s. And as great as Ahmet Ertegun was, Atlantic was no match for its west coast counterpart. Warner/Reprise had SOUL! Let me take you back, to an era when music drove the culture, when young ‘uns were […]

Today At The Tower

Sticks and stones may break your bones But words can break your heart So I’m driving to Capitol thinking about who’s in my rearview mirror. Not literally, although traffic was squirrely, with the Vine exit closed, but figuratively, as in Hale Milgrim, Gary Gersh, Andy Slater, Roy Lott… Decades have gone by and what once […]