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Kim Fowley

He had twins! That’s right, when he was a teenager he knocked up his girlfriend and by time I spoke with Kim in Manchester they were in their forties. Balding accountants if I remember correctly, he had little contact with them. And I’m not sure if the point of my story is the famous are […]

The Fall Line

The Fall Line: How American Ski Racers Conquered a Sport on the Edge What does it take to win? The new age snake oil salesmen will tell you it’s all about attitude. The Silicon Valley titans will tell you it’s all about failing. But the truth is it’s a feeling deep inside that you can […]

Modern Life

CURATORS/FILTERS They’re everything in the modern world. Unless you attach yourself to someone/something that already has an audience, your chance of succeeding is incredibly low, because there’s just too much noise. So, despite the bitching about challenging economics, that’s the power of the newspaper. It’s filtered news. And ads. And listings. Most competing with traditional […]

The Billy Joel Book

Billy Joel by Fred Schruers It really was different. It bugs me that people claim otherwise, the youngsters who were not around and the oldsters hanging on by a thread. First and foremost, as Malcolm Gladwell said in “Outliers,” timing is everything. Jason Flom’s father may have been blackballed because he was Jewish, but he […]