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Adele Not Streaming

How the hell can we solve the world’s problems if the music business itself can’t do what’s right for the populace? Sixteen years after Napster, after living through P2P, track sales and now streaming, blind greed continues to reign in the music business. People do what’s right for themselves, never mind what’s good for the […]


You’re just a pawn in their game. You think by protesting freemium you’re saving the world from broke musicians. But Wall Street talks and you walk, and it all comes down to money. And those with the deep pockets are playing for high stakes and they don’t care about what’s happening in your bedroom, the […]

University of Missouri Protests

What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where the charge is led by football players? One in which money talks. That’s why the President resigned. The college was gonna lose a cool million if its football team didn’t play Brigham Young on Saturday. Welcome to the sixties, they’re back again. That’s right, […]

Leon Bridges At Somebody’s House In Venice

Actually, it was Scott Powell’s place, just by the beach, he used to be in Sha Na Na, now he’s an orthopedic surgeon, he operates on players, and this was a benefit for Musicares. And the highlights of the performance were a new song and a rousing rendition of “Mississippi Kisses” but what intrigued me […]