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So I’m sitting on the floor of a Starbucks in Idaho Springs waiting for I-70 to reopen. Electrical outlets are at a premium and our driver said he’s waited for four hours for the highway to clear, so we might be in for a long haul. Meanwhile, there are a few things on my mind. […]

Flash Boys Rules

ADVANCE PROMOTION IS DEAD Your anticipatory hype is forgotten in the endless tsunami of new data. It makes no sense to build anticipation, it just dissipates. Now you pounce when the story is hot. Radiohead started it, Beyonce improved upon it and now Michael Lewis is taking it to the book business. The new watchword […]

Jesse Winchester

I lived with the decent folks In the hills of old Vermont I know I’ve become the obituary guy, but Jesse Winchester had a place in the firmament and now he’s been completely forgotten, a footnote who’s succumbed to the sands of time. Kind of like “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” No one knows that […]


It’s time for a divorce. Our focus on tech has been so all-encompassing that music has suffered. But those aren’t our people! The coders, the MBAs… They think differently. MBAs are first and foremost about the money. Great musicians are first and foremost about the art. That’s the number one e-mail I get, HOW DO […]