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Billboard’s New Chart

Keep it simple stupid. That’s what Steve Jobs knew that nobody at “Billboard” seems to understand. Don’t give me formulas, give me reality. The only thing that counts is listens. Sales are irrelevant. Especially of albums. But the whole industry is based on albums so they don’t want to throw out the baby with the […]

Rolling Stone Crowns U2 Number One

As Jann Wenner and Bono mash the gas pedal towards the cliff of irrelevance. In other words, how can “Rolling Stone” be so tone-deaf? This single-handedly reveals the inanity of the shenanigans behind the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” this illustrates how baby boomers have to get out of the way to let the […]

Getting On The Right Track

1. Focus on music not money. There’s too much talk about grosses and too much bitching about Spotify. Amazon rolls out robots and we all ooh and ahh, there’s forward motion in the music business and everybody complains. Change is inevitable, the future comes, the social landscape will be rearranged…best to acknowledge this and move […]

Amanda Palmer At The First Unitarian Universalist Church

How do you build a career from the ground up? People pay lip service to this, but they want a shortcut, they want someone to help them, but just like in the rest of this Republican-defined nation you’re on your own in the music business, if you build it they may not come, but if […]