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Ariana Grande – Problem ft. Iggy Azalea – YouTube I’m sick and fucking tired of armchair quarterbacks e-mailing me what they think is a hit, adjudicating while knowing nothing. Want to know what’s a hit? ARIANA GRANDE’S PROBLEM! Huh? That’s right, welcome to today, where you’ve got a bunch of pontificating blowhards angry the world […]

The Ladder

STARTING We’ve all got to start somewhere, just don’t delude yourself that because you’ve started you deserve to be successful. There are a number of routes to take, some of which can be combined. Skills cannot be emphasized enough. Knowing how to play your instrument, sing or deejay, gives you a floor upon which you […]

Tommy Ramone

Who’da thunk they’d all be dead but their music would live on? Certainly not anybody who came across their debut in the bins back in ’76. With its black and white cover and music so contrary to what was happening as to be almost incomprehensible, or a joke. But despite having a great sense of […]


LOSER Jay Leno. Off the air and out of our consciousness. If you’re not in our eyes and ears every day you’re on your way to being forgotten. In other words, if you take a break don’t expect to come back with your fame intact. LOSER Samsung. The dream is over. Killed by Android more […]