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Bernie Sanders

What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where a 74 year old white-haired Jew from Vermont resonates with the millennial generation more than any entertainer? One in which when the game is rigged an outspoken leader says the rules must be changed instead of preaching false hope. My radar tells me it’s […]

Ken Stabler

“Ken Stabler, Football Great, Had C.T.E.” Why are we so concerned about kids in Flint, but give NFL players a pass, why are we up in arms about Michigan’s governor, but cry hosannas when a billionaire moves his football team to Los Angeles and Roger Goodell escapes unscathed? It’s time for Coldplay to pull out […]


And they said the internet would kill big media. Trump never had a chance. America might be angry, but it does not want a blowhard billionaire whose specialty is profitable bankruptcy and strategic licensing to run its country. But that does not mean television and newspapers did not love telling his story, it injected excitement, […]

Individuals Are Everything

The Doors could never replace Jim Morrison and Apple can’t replace Steve Jobs. They teach us to get along, tell us institutions are king, but the truth is America succeeds because it’s the land of rugged individuals with a vision who need to do it their way. That’s one of the reasons the music business […]