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Jimmy Iovine

Three strikes and you’re out. Farmclub, Beats Music and now Apple Music. And while we’re at it, Jimmy bears some responsibility for the failed Pressplay, and that’s four strikes. Not that Jimmy Iovine is not talented. It’s just that his talent lies in the field of…TALENT RELATIONS! Jimmy’s all about sucking you into his orbit, […]

Apple Music Trial Period Ends

They’re not gonna tell us how many subscribers they’ve got. And they’re not gonna extend the free period, the rightsholders won’t let them. So what have we learned here… Apple launched a beta product. How could they get it so wrong? They have public betas of iOS 9 and El Capitan and they throw this […]

The Sisario Article

“Hip-Hop and R&B Fans Embrace Streaming Services” Read this. It’s the most important information about the music business online today. Which means that you’ll probably never see it, you’re probably still reeling from that faux article in the “Tennessean” saying that the co-writer of “All About That Bass” only made $5,679 from streaming: “‘All About […]

Jerry’s Memorial

I wish I loved people as much as Jerry Weintraub. Then Billy Crystal would do shtick about me, George Clooney would imitate me, Matt Damon would tell personal stories about me and Paul Anka would personalize the lyrics of “My Way” for me. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and […]