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Is Apple Pay Bigger Than 1989?

It’s cool, disruptive and completely unexpected. Taylor Swift’s new album? No, APPLE PAY! And you wonder why musicians get no respect. That’s right, while Taylor Swift is busy cozying up to corporations, making sure her message gets out, Apple is competing with corporations and its users are up in arms complaining that CVS and Rite-Aid […]

Today’s Rules

SINGABILITY/CATCHABILITY You want to create an earworm, something that gets into someone’s head that they can’t get out. Doesn’t matter if it’s stupid, it’s just got to be addictive. DANCEABILITY If it can’t be played at the club, if it doesn’t induce booty-shaking, you’re on the wrong track. MAKE IT SHORT So people repeat it […]

Luke Bryan At The Hollywood Bowl

Oh my God, this is my song I’ve been listening to the radio all night long I couldn’t believe it was really him. I know I rail against albums, I know I decry the state of modern music, but the truth is I know every lick on Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Party” and I’ve been […]

This Week’s SoundScan

1. Florida Georgia Line “Anything Goes” 197,000 copies They’re a singles act until proven otherwise. As it should be. Where was it written that fans should fall all over you as soon as you debut? In the old days you sold singles until people believed in you, then they partook of the album, the concept […]