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It’s America’s first music shed, summer home of the Boston Symphony, I went there Sunday with my mother. But almost not. You see Dark Sky said it was gonna rain. I already told my mom that I couldn’t sit on the lawn, you see I take this pill that makes me uber-susceptible to the rays […]

Culture Club At The Greek

I know you’ll miss me I know you’ll miss me I know you’ll miss me blind Actually, no. We wouldn’t have even gone to the Greek if it hadn’t been Rena’s birthday. And when the band appeared on the big screen in her office I thought it was a commercial, because who goes on tour […]

Neil Young On Streaming

Old man take a look at yourself What if you put out new music and no one cared? Even better, what if you said you were gonna save the music business and no one cared? Then you’d be Neil Young. I’d say he’s become a laughingstock, but the people he’s playing to, the writers for […]

Artist Rules

1. Inspiration trumps execution. Write a great song, it’s more important than knowing how to play it. 2. Audience is everything. If you don’t want to reach as many people as possible, stop now. You’re too afraid to make it, you’re not a real artist. Artists believe in themselves and want to share their work, […]