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The Stones At The Fonda

START ME UP You make a grown man cry Like the one out front, who offered four grand cash, so he could take his ten year old son to see the Stones. I saw the green. But today it’s all about experiences, not possessions, and there’s no amount of money that will prevent you from […]

Gregg Allman At The Roxy

The Allman Brothers had a slow build, their initial album was ignored, the second was known only by cognoscenti and the third blew up, not through airplay, but WORD OF MOUTH! Imagine there was a band so good, people couldn’t stop testifying about them, dragging their friends to a show so adventurous yet refined that […]

Please Don’t Go

Babe, I love you so I want you to know Did I tell you I went to Vail for the World Championships? That’s right, you think you know everything about my life, but that would be untrue. With a laptop and phone you can be anywhere, and the second week of February found me in […]

MusiCares-Bob Dylan

And if my thought dreams could be seen They’d probably put my head in a guillotine “It’s Alright, Ma, (I’m Only Bleeding)” What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where Bob Dylan comes back from the dead and delivers the paramount rock and roll experience of the twenty first century? That’s […]