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Ed Sheeran At Staples

It wasn’t your father’s arena show. You remember the baby boomers, the ones lamenting that today’s music sucks? They weren’t in attendance. Nor were their children. I’d put the average attendee at a bit over 16, the children of Generation X, who might be aware of Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac but don’t even remember […]

The Zombies At The Santa Monica Pier

I’m getting tired of seeing the classic rock acts. They show up every summer, playing the same hits, going just makes me feel old. I’ve seen it all before. But not the Zombies. They were more like shooting stars, they didn’t have a dominant arc like the acts populating the sheds. And I’d consider them […]

The Helicopter

Absolutely positively frightening. And thrilling all at the same time. I thought it would be easier coming back, but the guys in the copter were from Brazil and Mexico City, where whirlybirds are de rigueur, they were nodding out as the electronic music pulsed in the headphones and the vehicle was getting bounced around and […]

Steve Perry At The Orpheum

It was wasted on the Eels’ audience. What kind of self-respecting KCRW listener is going to sing along with Steve? You know, NA NA NA NA NA NA! But there’s pure joy in those words. And there was pure joy in the Orpheum tonight, when Steve Perry returned to the boards in Los Angeles and […]