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Amanda Palmer At The First Unitarian Universalist Church

How do you build a career from the ground up? People pay lip service to this, but they want a shortcut, they want someone to help them, but just like in the rest of this Republican-defined nation you’re on your own in the music business, if you build it they may not come, but if […]

Fleetwood Mac At The Forum

As they should be. Once upon a time our bands graduated to the arenas where the basketball teams played, now we’ve got our OWN PLACE! That’s right, music lives at the Forum. And if you’ve never been, get in your automobile and make a pilgrimage to where there’s no scoreboard, no sports paraphernalia, only music. […]

Luke Bryan At The Hollywood Bowl

Oh my God, this is my song I’ve been listening to the radio all night long I couldn’t believe it was really him. I know I rail against albums, I know I decry the state of modern music, but the truth is I know every lick on Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Party” and I’ve been […]

Pitbull At Staples

It was a party. The classic rock era was passive. Today’s music scene is participatory! People have become stars in their own lives, utilizing their mobiles to post to Instagram, everybody believes he’s famous, is it any wonder today’s music reflects this? We used to adulate the acts, now we adulate ourselves. And this is […]