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The Helicopter

Absolutely positively frightening. And thrilling all at the same time. I thought it would be easier coming back, but the guys in the copter were from Brazil and Mexico City, where whirlybirds are de rigueur, they were nodding out as the electronic music pulsed in the headphones and the vehicle was getting bounced around and […]

Steve Perry At The Orpheum

It was wasted on the Eels’ audience. What kind of self-respecting KCRW listener is going to sing along with Steve? You know, NA NA NA NA NA NA! But there’s pure joy in those words. And there was pure joy in the Orpheum tonight, when Steve Perry returned to the boards in Los Angeles and […]

Billy Joel At The Hollywood Bowl

He didn’t play “Just The Way You Are,” but he did play “A Hard Day’s Night.” Huh? I wasn’t a Billy Joel fan. Sure, I heard “Piano Man” emanate from the single speaker of the ’63 Chevy my dad bought in ’73 that was passed down through his children in their last years of college. […]

The Gregg Allman Concert Album

The Allman Brothers were our EDM. Too much has been written about the Grateful Dead, but the dirty little secret was they were lousy, they’d play for four hours, one would be completely unlistenable, two mediocre and one great, and I know, I was there, the first time around, before they became an oldies act […]