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It’s America’s first music shed, summer home of the Boston Symphony, I went there Sunday with my mother. But almost not. You see Dark Sky said it was gonna rain. I already told my mom that I couldn’t sit on the lawn, you see I take this pill that makes me uber-susceptible to the rays […]

Culture Club At The Greek

I know you’ll miss me I know you’ll miss me I know you’ll miss me blind Actually, no. We wouldn’t have even gone to the Greek if it hadn’t been Rena’s birthday. And when the band appeared on the big screen in her office I thought it was a commercial, because who goes on tour […]

U2 At The Forum

From: Michael Rapino To: Bob Lefsetz Subject: Re: You like show so far   From: Bob Lefsetz To: Michael Rapino Subject: Re Screen is unbelievable. They had it backwards. Should have gone on tour before the album. Create word of mouth. Just a few shows. Then sell tickets. We live in a pull economy not […]

The Stones At The Fonda

START ME UP You make a grown man cry Like the one out front, who offered four grand cash, so he could take his ten year old son to see the Stones. I saw the green. But today it’s all about experiences, not possessions, and there’s no amount of money that will prevent you from […]