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The Dave Rawlings Machine At The Ace Hotel

I went to hear “Look At Miss Ohio.” But I heard so much more. When I was in elementary school we sang. We’d open up books of songs that I still remember to this day and then sing in unison, loudly. That self-conscious want to fit in ethos of the millennial? We didn’t have it. […]

Leon Bridges At Somebody’s House In Venice

Actually, it was Scott Powell’s place, just by the beach, he used to be in Sha Na Na, now he’s an orthopedic surgeon, he operates on players, and this was a benefit for Musicares. And the highlights of the performance were a new song and a rousing rendition of “Mississippi Kisses” but what intrigued me […]

Walk The Moon At The Greek

Were the eighties special, or did they just feel that way because I was there? I went to the Greek last Thursday because it was the last Nederlander night. From now on, it’s an open building. Will the city make more money or less? Well, there are a lot of shows that will no longer […]

The Zombies At The Saban

It was a religious experience. Used to be it wasn’t a show, but a concert. You know, the kind your parents went to, where you sat down and let the music wash over you, let your mind drift into a special place you could not reach anywhere else. Venues were temples. Places you went to […]