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Courtside Seats

I watched a lot of basketball in my lost decade, from the day my ex moved out until the Internet came along and rescued me. You’ve got to understand, the Lakers are L.A. religion. Till he blew himself up, both literally and figuratively, Kobe Bryant was the most powerful and popular person in Los Angeles. […]

Springsteen Does Scott

Highway To Hell – Bruce Springsteen – Perth Arena 8-2-14 And now the transition is complete, from the era of recordings to live performance, from you need to own it to you need to be there. As bad as this audience video is, I’m sure the experience of being there was absolutely delicious. Like the […]

It Was Fifty Years Ago Today…

We knew who they were and their success had nothing to do with the death of President Kennedy. Prior to the ascension of the Beatles, the biggest acts in the land were the Beach Boys and the Four Seasons. By ’64, Elvis had already petered out, he was an old man in bad movies. Doo-wop […]

The Birthday Bash

What kind of crazy f____d up world do we live in where Howard Stern gets a better tribute than the Beatles? One in which Adam Levine does a spot-on rendition of “Purple Rain” and establishes his rock and roll bona fides overnight. I was planning on hearing this on the replay, but my flight was […]