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Do you feel manipulated? Excuse me for writing about Taylor Swift’s “1989,” but it’s all the press is talking about this week, and that saddens me. The way both traditional and so called new media outlets are reporting this nonstory as if it matters. Then again, we live in the land of Ebolamania, but at […]

My Day At Red Bull

Have brands trumped bands? I was wondering this as I walked through Red Bull HQ today. With every seat taken, with young hipsters in front of their computer screens, it’s everything the music business was before Napster, when those coasting on CD profits, both replacement and buy one overpriced one to hear one hit track […]


We’re all fighting for it. Welcome to 2014. The Internet is two decades old, at least in the mind of the consumer, we’re all wired 24/7 and the primary feeling is one of exhaustion. We’re at an endless buffet and we can’t stop grazing even though we’re full and after a while everything looks the […]


This is why I hate the book business. There’s been a raft of publicity for William Deresiewicz’s book “Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life” wherein the author decries the soft choices of today’s Ivy League graduates. But I can’t buy it. Oh, it began in “The […]