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Don’t think of corporations, the term has been bastardized to the point where it means anybody or anything that has risen above and solidified an audience. That’s who and what rules in the internet age. And it’s harder than ever to get there. That’s the untold story of the past five internet years. How we […]

Modern Life

CURATORS/FILTERS They’re everything in the modern world. Unless you attach yourself to someone/something that already has an audience, your chance of succeeding is incredibly low, because there’s just too much noise. So, despite the bitching about challenging economics, that’s the power of the newspaper. It’s filtered news. And ads. And listings. Most competing with traditional […]

Shark Tank Update

Why is everybody so DELUSIONAL? Needless to say entrepreneurs are the new singer/songwriters, albeit with a bigger upside. It’s the American Dream, create something and get someone else to blow it up. For every Ian MacKaye, there’s someone polishing a turd, just hoping that Lucian Grainge will make a seven figure deal with them. Everything’s […]

Taylor Swift Exits Spotify

“Taylor Swift Pulls Her Music From Spotify” This is about money. Not in the album, that’s bupkes compared to the tour! In other words, Taylor Swift is not selling a million plus albums this week to get rich on the sales, but to get rich on the penumbra. I.e. the tours, the endorsements, all the […]