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Red Bull Rules

1. It’s not for everyone. I.e. it tastes like horse piss. a. You’re defined by your haters as much as your lovers. Anti is everything. If someone thinks you’re trash, there’s someone else who loves you, who testifies about you and will die for you. b. If you want everyone to love you you’re on […]

The Pulse

BOOKSTORES There was a front page story in the “New York Times” on the dearth of bookstores in Manhattan. I’m sick and tired of all the baby boomers lamenting the loss of yesterday. Sure, rents are high, sure Manhattan is quick becoming an artist free world, but that’s because of income inequality, the loss of […]

Lunch With Daniel Ek

It’s about the data and the footprint. In other words, the more information you have, the fewer mistakes you make, and if you’re America-centric, you’re gonna get your butt kicked by those who see the entire world. Music is a dumb business. Technology is not. Musicians know the least about everything in life other than […]


You don’t know what you need. Once upon a time, advertising spread the word. But with untrustworthy corporations and a plethora of products, we’re all overwhelmed just trying to catch up with what we already own, never mind experiencing the new. There are more features in your OS than you can fathom. And it seems […]