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Today’s America

You’ve got to watch this video. That’s right, scroll down this page and click on the Rolls-Royce. A $35-million tear-down: L.A.’s unreal estate has plenty of buyers What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a real estate AGENT flaunts his wealth, not understanding it makes him a target? One in […]


Loners will save the world. But our culture has shifted to one of belonging. The millennials are all about being a member of the group, they don’t want to stand out, don’t want to be ostracized, their goal is to be drones, to play the game so they can win. True dat. But I don’t […]


What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a TV show takes on brands and scumbag musicians cozy up to them? That’s the fight we’re in people. It’s us versus the corporations. And you’ve got to decide which side you’re on. Are you someone sans backbone who will do anything for […]

Them vs. Us

It’s the narrative stupid! The “New York Times” did a story on those helped by Obamacare. The prime person was taking advantage, she was getting long-delayed dental care, but she was against national health care, because of the death panels. Over 40% of Americans believe they exist, even though they don’t. How did this happen? […]