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Which Side?

You’ve got to listen to this on headphones. And while you’re at it, get a subscription to Tidal or Deezer Elite, to immerse yourself in the sound, because that’s what it’s about…the organ, the guitars, they’re so exquisite you’ll smile as the band lays down in the pocket. Taylor Swift may have sold a million […]


I already feel powerless enough! That’s right, I may have the right to vote, but with gerrymandering and corporate influence it seems like a meaningless effort. Oh, don’t come down on me, I’ve never missed an election, but if you don’t think this country is screwed up in the governance department you must be ruling. […]

Sunday Thought

Why is everybody a scumbag? I think it started with Bill Clinton, who lied under oath. If the President doesn’t care about the truth, why should I? But a good case can be made for going back to Reagan, who legitimized greed. The baby boomers went from love one another to screw one another over […]

Income Inequality

What about my incentive? I just spent an hour in traffic listening to Nick Hanauer tell me the pitchforks are coming out. Yup, the guy whose TED talk was banned wrote a piece last week on Politico and now the left-leaning NPR has him on delineating the evils of income inequality. But only the converted […]