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Them vs. Us

It’s the narrative stupid! The “New York Times” did a story on those helped by Obamacare. The prime person was taking advantage, she was getting long-delayed dental care, but she was against national health care, because of the death panels. Over 40% of Americans believe they exist, even though they don’t. How did this happen? […]


1. The major labels will only get stronger. We live in an a money economy and the only ones willing to invest in artists are the labels. Furthermore, they’ve got the relationships at radio, which are key to developing acts. The players want cash, the major labels have it, no one else will get involved […]


Yes, the hack was a criminal attack. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been laughing over the revelations, while I’m not crying over the racist comments. The truth is these Hollywood mavens think they’re better than us. And they can’t stop crying about piracy, can’t stop bitching that someone moved their cheese, […]


This is how the sixties started. We’ve been told to trust Big Brother, that the government and the corporations know more. That the rich are smart. That we should be thankful we’ve got flat screens. Hogwash. They’ve scared you. Frightened you into believing your life is at risk from external forces only they can protect […]