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The Pulse

BOOKSTORES There was a front page story in the “New York Times” on the dearth of bookstores in Manhattan. I’m sick and tired of all the baby boomers lamenting the loss of yesterday. Sure, rents are high, sure Manhattan is quick becoming an artist free world, but that’s because of income inequality, the loss of […]

L’Wren Scott

She died, get over it. If the “New York Times” doesn’t stop tributing this willowy ex-model with the fake name who has no meaning in the lives of the rest of the world, those not member of the glitterati, I’m gonna open the window and scream I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GONNA TAKE […]

Right Wing Nutjobs

Nobody realizes they’re traceable online. That they’re leaving a constant trail of digital cookies delineating their thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. If I told you hate mail did not bother me I’d be lying. But keeping all my e-mail, I look back and it turns out this person has been calling me a doodyhead, but with […]

House of Cards

Don’t block my way as I’m climbing the greased pole. Did you read the story about Wendi Deng in “Vanity Fair”? Wherein it states that Rupert Murdoch divorced her because she slept with Tony Blair and Eric Schmidt? You know Tony, the titan with the six-pack. But Schmidt? The goofy guy with the bad complexion […]