Rob Thomas Responds

From: ROB T
Subject: hi from rob thomas

Re: Rhinofy-Matchbox Twenty Primer

Dear Bob,

I’ve always enjoyed reading your letters and your recent take on matchbox twenty (or 20) was no exception.  There were even some points in there that we, ourselves, have talked about from time to time. But there were also, as I’m sure you would imagine, a couple parts that I feel completely miss the point of who we are and what we have accomplished.

Somewhere between being today’s hitmakers and being yesterday’s news is a zone that I would expect you to understand better than most. An artist that has had enough success to be able to pull together a fan base that genuinely cares about the music they are making even if they aren’t fully a part of the “love me” game we see playing out on reality shows and in celebrity magazines.

We may never be cool. We may never be tastemakers. We may even never again have hits on top 40 radio. But when we put out an album and go on tour there are more than enough people to listen and come see us to give us a career that’s enviable to 99% of people who do what we do.

It’s hard to believe that our career is “over” when so many people still come out to see us play.  In fact, we would’ve loved to have you stop by our last matchbox tour to give your take on our status but chances are we wouldn’t have heard you over the sound of our sold out crowds enjoying themselves hearing music they love.

I have nothing but respect for you and what you do but I feel like you have been so far on the inside for so long that you have lost touch with the best part of music. It’s subjective. And if tens of thousands of people want to come see me or matchbox or anyone that’s exactly what a REAL career is.

Step out from behind your computer sometime, Bob. There are real people out here who are fans of a great number of things that I’m sure you thought were long gone. And the artists they are fans of are having a lot of fun and enjoying their careers just fine.


working on a new solo album. Hope you dig it.

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