E-Mail Of The Day

Hi Bob,

Music ‘big business’ is slowly looking-sounding-smelling-feeling as appealing as Wall Street and/or the Vatican. (Maybe less smart and less “touchy-feely”)

My dilemma: I want people to stream my music all day long (to their hearts content); but, I’m tired of watching the Daniel Ek’s and the Mark Westerthefuck’s buy new monstertruckairplanes and diamond studded ethnic babies.(tis the sheer principle of the matter)

It’s not the money I make the art for, OR the other way around. I make art for the love of art and for the pleasure of creating something myself the only way I know how.

We have been tempted to pull THE USED material from all platforms but our own; €”but what does this accomplish? (“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious. a la €”1984) Without the artist there is no business of art; yet, so many willing to play (play dead, maybe) that if you don’t, you’re trampled.

In all probability, it will be the artists who end up make it fair for the artists again somehow… but how?  I value your opinion (most of the time), so some input would be great!

Love, Bert

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