It was the first post-Steve presentation.

I know, I know, Apple’s supposed to be history. Samsung is on a full court press, giving away their devices to all the tastemakers while Apple, like the moribund music business, refuses to give it away for free.

But then today happened.

Tim Cook is better.

But he’ll never be good.

But the new Scott Forstall? This guy Craig Federighi?

He’s almost as good as Steve Jobs, and WE’VE NEVER HEARD OF HIM BEFORE!

That’s how deep the bench is.

But what we saw today, if you were watching, was cool, was wow, was…I WANNA GET ME SOME OF THAT!

Whether it be Phil Schiller previewing the new Mac Pro.

Or even the Anki race cars, with their glitch.

But the positively mind-blowing experience was iOS7.

Huh? Isn’t it a mature system? Isn’t that why Apple’s dying? Because they don’t know where to go?

With Steve gone… With Scott gone…

Jony Ive can take control.

Jony Ive is the new Steve Jobs. And rather than being cautious, resting on his laurels, Jony Ive has completely redesigned iOS7 to make it so cool, once it’s launched Apple-envy will be prevalent once again, with every iPhone owner showing off how cool it is.

Oh, I know, you’re an Android user. You’re a hacker. You like the flexibility of a PC.

That’s fine.

But most people are not.

I don’t want to know how to fix my car…I just want it to run right.

And if it breaks, I want to know where to take it, a place where the mechanic is familiar with the product, like the Genius Bar.

There are more blowhards in tech and media than there are at a carnival. They need to feel special, they need to be ahead of the curve, they need to be one of a kind, they need to dictate.

But we just want our stuff to work… Easily.

And it wasn’t only iOS7. It was also Mavericks, the latest edition of OS X.

Lousy name, I agree. But just like a band, the name is irrelevant if the music is great.

Maybe you’ve got to be a fanboy to watch this presentation… But just like those in the audience, you’ll find yourself clapping at times, because what they’re showing is so damn cool.

It’s the opposite of the music industry, where everybody’s a moneygrubber looking to sell out. Apple cares not a whit about anybody else…except for its customers, it wants to satiate its customers, it figures they’ll spread the word, not the reporter with an agenda.

Smart people have inherited the nation. Being dumb and uneducated is passe. Smoke and mirrors have been superseded by substance.

We’re always ready to be blown away…

And Apple did this to us TODAY!

WWDC. June 10,2013.

P.S. Apple’s iPod strategy has died in mobile… The company doesn’t seem to know how to create a monopoly anymore. Yup, that’s what the iPod was, driven by software more than hardware. Still, if you like sexy, innovative products, the Cupertino company seems to have a lock on them. As for Samsung… It’s got one big problem…software. Sure, it builds upon Android, but you’ve got to control the whole thing to execute elegant solutions. As for Amazon… It’s Microsoft, where the money is, but nowhere close to the bleeding edge. There’s a business on the bleeding edge. The mass market bleeding edge. That’s where Apple has perched itself. That’s where musicians used to perch themselves. That’s what Steve Jobs took from Bob Dylan. But now we get inspiration from Apple instead of our musicians. Because at Apple they know it’s about the work, not the hype.

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