Beyonce At The Super Bowl

And you wonder why Adele is the biggest musical star in the world.

No dancing, just singing, what a concept!

I wasn’t sure what to do after Beyonce’s appearance, join a gym or masturbate. It was spectacle befitting the game, one could argue strongly it was more dynamic and exciting than the game. You had no desire to check your Twitter feed, all you could do was pay attention.

But how much did this have to do with music?

Who do we blame? Madonna? Who invented a new paradigm and then went for a victory lap wherein she dieted down to nothing and spent hours a day working out? Do you think Adele works out? Ha!

Beyonce made Madge look old. She proudly strutted her luscious thighs, in one fell swoop making a whole swath of America’s women feel good about themselves.

Yes, there was nothing wrong with Beyonce’s appearance.

But what was right?

Do we even care if she lip-synched?

This is pure commerce. Sponsored by Pepsi, as if Ms. Knowles has sipped the sugar water in years. The thought of her drinking Pepsi is akin to believing Alicia Keys uses a BlackBerry!

The show was an assault.

Blame the CD, where subtlety doesn’t sound good. Blame hip-hop, which is laden with attitude. But tonight’s performance was one big step back for music itself.

Then again, the Lumineers are bigger than Alicia Keys, and maybe even than Beyonce. And Mumford & Sons sold more records than both of them.

The major labels still haven’t gotten the memo. They believe if they just throw enough production at the public, people will be overwhelmed.

But what people want most is music. When done right, you need no dancing, no production other than amplification.

If you watched Beyonce tonight and thought about the music, you’re blind.

But credit the NFL. It finally entered the twenty first century.

But if you truly want to triumph at this sporting extravaganza, watch Prince’s performance He knew the music came first. Lead with the tunes, dazzle with your personality. Tonight’s performance had it backwards.

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