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A circle jerk in a world where nobody has time for anything but the best. I hope you have fun making your long player, because you’re the only one who cares!


Are huge. Assuming people are interested. Just watch someone play “World of Warcraft.” Then again, WOW is better than your music. People have all the time in the world for that which is truly incredible. We live in a world of hits and misses, there’s nothing in between. If you’re not the best at what you do, give up or enjoy your third class ride.


Didn’t break PSY and it didn’t break Kendrick Lamar. Sure, we’ve still got CDs, some people still use Windows XP, but XP’s not the future and neither is radio. We live in an on demand world. If you can’t pull it immediately, no one’s gonna sit around waiting for it.


You can cut a track in an hour and have it up online almost instantly. But acts take a year to make an album and wait for the right time to release it and be the beneficiary of one shot of publicity. Music is not like a movie. Music, when done right, plays forever. It builds over time, it doesn’t spike so much as rise and plateau. Release it when it’s ready. There’s little money in recordings anyway. Why are you playing the old game?


Take it and you give up control. And in art, control is everything.


22% of  Beggars’ Group’s revenues come from streams, and most of its acts make more money from streaming than track sales. But you refuse to be on Spotify. Then again, you’re probably not as good as Adele, Jack White and… Then again, your label probably doesn’t give you 50% of streaming revenues, like Beggars does.

Streaming already won. YouTube is America’s radio station.

Read this article:

How record labels are learning to make money from YouTube


Even though you can reach everybody in an instant, it takes longer to make it. And even the biggest stars in the world don’t have the penetration of yore. I bet at least a third of you reading this have never heard “Umbrella,” or any Rihanna song. But you won’t read that statistic in the newspaper, which believes it’s still the arbiter of truth and that everybody is reading it.


Fleetwood Mac had it right, if you stop thinking about tomorrow I hope you’re happy with today, and knowing this is the best it’s ever gonna get. What’s the end game for the L.A. “Times”? It balanced the books, reducing its staff and news hole, and now you can get the local info in the “New York Times,” and everything else everywhere else. Tribune may have emerged from bankruptcy, but the company ain’t going up.


With a bill that high it can’t survive. You’re not gonna pay your wireless bill and your cable bill. And you can see the shows you want online. Cable is the music business in 2000, it just doesn’t know it yet.


No one is going to listen to your music because you sent them an e-mail, tweet or Facebook link. Hope this effort makes you feel good, because it’s worthless.


Is the most powerful medium in the world, but the people making it treat it like a second class citizen. They let executives tell them how to change it and die to tie in with companies with different agendas. Want to be a big, powerful success? Make something unique, individual, with something to say, and don’t sell out. What was PSY selling again? HIMSELF!

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