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Chunky Monkey

Felice said she’d only seen her father cry once.  In the funeral home, in front of her grandfather’s casket. We spent the afternoon at the Plant.  The multiplex on the site where they used to make Camaros.  We saw "Cars". Maybe I went because it’s the Apple religion, but the sheer creativity was awe-inspiring.  The […]

One On One With Michael Rapino

Sitting on the black leather couch in Michael Rapino’s office I was reminded of Steve Jobs’ legendary reality distortion field.  How in his presence, the world looks just a little bit different, how it seems to favor him, how you’re powerless in the face of his presentation.  That’s how it is hanging with Michael Rapino.  […]


Those guys at IMPALA are crybabies.  Unfortunately, they’re living in the same past as the major labels.  One wherein all music is sold at physical retail and discounts and chart shenanigans rule.  It’s like we’ve never left the twentieth century.  Instead of celebrating, IMAPALA’s members should be firing those who pursued this lame-brained course of […]

Song Of The Day

I hate people. Like the PR person who e-mailed to hip me to a story in the "New York Times" reflecting her ethnicity…  It turned out the act profiled was on her label. Like my next door neighbor.  Who thinks you deserve silence living in the city. Like the people who e-mail me to tell […]